As the world's premier swimwear brand, Speedo exudes an unrelenting passion for all things aquatic.


Speedo’s mission is to ignite the swimming spirit within everyone, regardless of the dive's purpose – be it training, racing, fitness, or the sheer joy of splashing about. With an array of swimwear and gear tailored to every aquatic adventure, Speedo is your dedicated aqua companion.

Born amidst the sun-kissed sands of Bondi Beach, Australia in 1928, Speedo's legacy of innovation sprouted from its Scottish visionary, Alexander McRae. In that pivotal year, McRae unveiled the Racerback suit, a revolutionary non-wool creation that liberated swimmers with unrivalled freedom of movement. Since that groundbreaking moment, Speedo's innovation has propelled countless champions to victory, establishing it as the unrivalled leader in swimwear.

Whether your aquatic playground is a pool, sea, lido, lake, or river, Speedo's resounding mission echoes through every ripple – to kindle the swimmer's passion and provide swimsuits and gear that elevate every aquatic experience. Driven by cutting-edge materials and visionary designs, Speedo caters to all, from champions to fitness enthusiasts, beachcombers, and fledgling swimmers.

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