Subrosa is a BMX company with its finger on the pulse. You can bet your rent whatever gets big in BMX Subrosa will have a part in it with the latest styles and colour ways.

Subrosa have a selection of parts including Frames, Forks, Bars, Grips, Saddles, Posts, Sprockets, Stems, cranks and bottom brackets however their main business is complete bikes. This is a good setup for them as they can use their after market parts on the high end complete bikes. All their completes are in the most popular colour ways of the time and with the latest trends incorporated in their design. If your looking to get into BMX and want a bike to fit right in then look no further.

Cruisers and fixed gear bikes have become increasingly popular with riders and skaters so its no surprise Subrosa have jumped all over them and are now producing some of the best quality and definitely the coolest cruisers and fixed gear bikes on the market.


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