TOKO is a traditional brand with an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, leading the ski wax industry while creating a connection between humans and the mountains.


Since their founding in 1916, TOKO has been a relentless force of innovation and unmatched quality. They are driven by the profound connection between people and the mountains, athletes and the slopes or cross-country trails. Their commitment to performance and safety for winter sports enthusiasts is evident in every TOKO ski wax and tool. Beyond winter, their passion extends to outdoor adventures and beyond, shown in their Swiss-produced Care Line, featuring high-quality textiles, footwear, and equipment in the DACH region.

Through decades of commitment to excellence and quality, TOKO's research laboratory in Altsätten has become their innovation hub, producing groundbreaking technologies that have revolutionised skiing. Here, their passionate experts leverage cutting-edge technology to create unrivalled ski waxing solutions, tailored to individual skiers' needs. Their deep dedication to research means they are pioneers in the ski wax industry, thanks to their highly qualified team, collaboration with top athletes and associations, and ongoing engagement with the skiing world. With a rich history of pioneering ski wax and maintenance, TOKO continues the tradition of innovation across generations.


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