#KEEPYOUSKIING. Tyrolia is fully dedicated to offering the best possible equipment around - bindings that do exactly what they are supposed to do in the split seconds that make all the difference - so you can get up again, knock off the snow and happily keep on skiing.


With its epic range of Austrian-made bindings, Tyrolia strives to create the most innovative bindings ever. They get that this requires a lot of trial and error. Because there comes a time when even the most skilled skiers lose control and fall. That is when it ultimately pays off to have put your trust in a Tyrolia binding.

Tyrolia produce some of the best bindings in the business and have a long history of design and performance. From the production of their first binding in 1928, Tyrolia now produce bindings for a number of the industry's biggest brands including Head, Fischer, Elan, Liberty and more.

We have a comprehensive range of Tyrolia bindings right here at Absolute Snow, so you can find the perfect option for the way you ride.

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