High-quality motor-assisted e-scooters, e-skateboards and fat-tyre bikes for trail and city...


High-quality motor-assisted e-scooters, e-skateboards and fat-tyre bikes for trail and city...
Founded in France in 2015, Voltaway is committed to crafting high-quality, green transport solutions for everyday use.  Their designs use only the most premium components from leading brands coupled with a unique, eye-catching aesthetic - from classic beach vibes to 80's retro. Voltaway e-bikes, e-skateboards, and e-scooters offer a 'green' mobility solution for all ages across a range of activities - from foldable electric-bikes for the office commute to sporty mountain bikes for trail rides, and fat-tyre cruisers for urban explorations.

Each fat-tyre bike model features wide 4" tyres suitable for a range of terrain, from smooth tarmac to soft sand. Wide rims provide strength and support while Tektro Aries front and rear disc brakes provide precision stopping power.  A Shimano 7-Speed gear set gives you plenty of range for powering the flats to climbing the steeps.

The pedal-assist design uses a rear-wheel-drive 250W motor powered by a Samsung Lithium-Ion 36V battery to give you that all-important power for tackling longer rides, steeper grades, and softer terrain such as mud and sand.

Battery range gives you an average of 40 km (25 miles) per full charge (dependent on a number of variables).  The battery stores in the frame and can be charged via an AC outlet either on or off the bike at your convenience. Battery charging can take 4-6 hours depending on depletion with a design that ensures it cannot be overcharged.

An integrated computer display puts you in complete control of the ride. The display lets you monitor battery levels, speed (average, max, and current); motor power level, odometer, and control of the front light plus more.  Each Voltaway E-bike also features a PUSH Control feature that sets the motor speed to 3-mph (6-km/h) for assistance if simply pushing the bike.

The 250W motor features five-speed settings which can be toggled to increase or decrease the amount of motor-assisted power depending on the terrain or speed you wish to travel:

1. 7km/h
2. 13km/h
3. 18 km/h
4. 22km/h
5. 25 km/h

Whether you're looking for a cleaner/greener way to beat the traffic or a fun way to explore the outdoors, Voltaway electric bikes, skateboards and scooters balance the convenience and environmental benefits of motor-assisted transport with a stylish design and premium components to deliver a high-quality green transport solution.


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