Water-to-Go gives you a tried and tested water filtration system created for outdoor enthusiasts and global travellers... 


Water-to-Go gives you a tried and tested water filtration system created for outdoor enthusiasts and global travellers... 
Before Water-to-Go, Dave Shanks and co-founder Cheryl Farrell, headed a textiles company that manufactured and distributed clothing brands across the World. Dave made frequent trips to India, Indonesia and China and was aghast to see ever-growing mountains of plastic waste whenever he visited an industrial area. A large contributor to the problem was discarded single-use water bottles.

From this, the Water-to-Go ‘3-in-1 Filters’ were born! Combining three different technologies, the results were perfect for all outdoor pursuits and travel as all microbiological contaminants are filtered to well in excess of 99.9%.

Realising this technology could provide clean healthy water almost anywhere and could also reduce environmental damage was the motivation to establish the Water-to-Go brand. The challenge was, and still is, to create an organization that could positively communicate the benefits to the global marketplace with limited resources.

After investing a large amount of his own money, Dave brought on board a number of individual investors to help develop and grow the business. Many of them offered specialist business skills and experience as well as investment. In 2014, a further tranche of investment was raised by crowdfunding through Crowdcube bringing more financial and a wider skill base into the business.

At the end of 2014, the company launched the 50cl GO! Bottles aimed at everyday use such as commuters, gym users, sports people and anyone concerned about their health. The aim is to convince consumers to use this product instead of buying expensive bottled water, and thereby reduce the damage to the environment created by single-use plastic bottles.


The 3-in-1 system in Water-to-Go filters is based on nano-technology originally developed for NASA. Nano-alumina along with activated carbon and other filtration ingredients are utilized to deliver an amazing new patented process. The nano-alumina emits a positive charge when wet and attracts the negatively charged contaminants of protozoa, bacteria and virus. This revolutionary new process makes every drop of water safer and more refreshing.

Unlike carbon block filters that lose as much as 70% of their area to the adhesives that hold the block together, the Water-to-Go carbon has zero adhesives holding it in place making it far more efficient. The pore sizes of carbon block based filters are too big to stop any protozoa, bacteria or virus. Yes, they filter chlorine and some heavy metals. They basically improve the taste of water without properly filtering out any of the more serious contaminants that can get into water supplies from time to time.  Instead of glueing the filters into a block (like most carbon filters) and losing efficiency, Water-to-Go incorporates their filter into the membrane which improves the taste and odour of the water.

Activated carbon filters will take out sediment and some other materials, while Water-to-Go increases your drinking safety by taking out more, including:

Metals including lead and chromium
Dangerous chemicals including "VOC"s (volatile organic compounds) and fluorides
Disease-carrying bacteria e.g. E. coli, Cholera and Typhus 
Sickness inducing viruses such as Hepatitis A and Norwalk viruses 
Potentially fatal parasite eggs (known as Oocysts) like Giardia lamblia


The filter MUST be wet thoroughly to activate the technology; drinking before the filter is wet through can lead to unfiltered water passing through the membrane. Water-to-Go suggests the first time you use a new filter you fill the bottle up and turn it upside down, submerging the filter for a minimum of 15 minutes. After soaking, open the spout and squeeze the bottle gently, releasing the water, and thereby 'flushing' the filter. Some granules of carbon may be visible, simply continue until water runs clear. Please note that the carbon granules are not harmful.

If the filter has stood for a period of time and become dry, reactivate in the same way.

Ensure lid and filter are properly tightened to ensure a good seal but do not over-tighten.

Do not let contaminated water come into contact with the outer lid or spout; No matter how good Water-to-Go filters are, they can only filter what is inside the bottle.

Our bottles deliver a drinking rate of 10-12 mls per second; a good guzzle rate! The filter controls the flow rate. Do not squeeze the bottle hard, as this can create high pressure behind the filter and, in extreme cases, can pressurise the lid forcing a gap between the bottle and lid, and possibly allowing water to bypass the filter.

Change the filter after 200 litres or approximately 3 months, for a 75cls size; and 130 litres or approximately 2 months for the 50cl GO! bottle filters.


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