A combination of both a love for the island and the waves that surround it WaveHawaii aims to bring the Aloha spirit to beaches and lakes near you, with a great range of travel/beach products including ponchos, sunglasses, and clothing that make you smile.


The island of Hawaii is renowned for its warm sandy beaches, beautiful colours and water entices you to jump in. The home for athletes, adventurers, peace seekers, and romantics it is a place to escape and a place to smile.

WaveHawaii aims to embody the entirety of the island, bringing the spirit of the island back to your own body of water. Products that make you feel good and smile with colours that stand out from the crowd. That is the WAVE HAWAII lifestyle - carrying the sun and smiles in the hearts.

The Towelling and changing robes from WAVE HAWAII make even the gloomiest of beaches a little brighter and can bring a smile to those embracing open-water lakes. Bring a bit of HAWAII with you!

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