Wolf & Grizzly

Wolf & Grizzly products are engineered to the highest degree to give you premium quality backpacking grills, fire safes, and more for camping, backpacking, and outdoors.

Wolf & Grizzly

Company founder, George Rizkalla, started Wolf & Grizzly in 2016 with a desire to create practical outdoor gear that could be used from the backyard to the backcountry. This ethos informs their every design, infusing high-quality materials into go-anywhere gear that stands out from the pack.

Wolf & Grizzly believes in blending function with beauty for simple, eye-catching designs. Simplicity is key, with no time wasted on fiddly components and instruction manuals. Their subtle designs use premium 304-stainless steel in every component for a smooth and consistent operation with excellent corrosion resistance, high heat tolerance, and durability.

The two-piece M1 Grill and Fire Safe assemble in seconds to deliver a versatile campfire experience that lets you cook out on a whim. Travel-friendly with a low-key aesthetic, they store easily in a pack for day trips or longer excursions from car camping to fast-moving backpacking and bike-packing adventures.


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