Burton Flight Attendant Hybrid Camber Splitboard
Burton Flight Attendant Hybrid Camber Splitboard
Burton Flight Attendant Hybrid Camber Splitboard
Burton Flight Attendant Hybrid Camber Splitboard
Burton Flight Attendant Hybrid Camber Splitboard

Flight Attendant Hybrid Camber Splitboard

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Burton Flight Attendant Hybrid Camber Splitboard Burton Flight Attendant
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A directional and floaty splitboard version of Burton's Flight Attendant snowboard

About the Burton Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant is Burton's hardest charging split snowboard that excels everywhere, be it powder, the steeps or generally making the most of whatever terrain that you are faced with. Featuring Burton's Balanced Freeride Geometry, as you'd expect from a board first developed by Nicolas Müller, the Flight Attendant has found the perfect blend between a directional and a twin snowboard. It blurs the distinctions between big mountain and freestyle and is now equipped, as a split, to take you as far out as you can go.

The Flight Attendant adopts a Directional Camber profile - the stability and pop of full positive camber underfoot with entry rocker which causes the nose to lift, which ensures incredible float in powder, whilst still offering smooth uphill glide and added stability when needed. Burton supplies an easy splitboard setup with their strong, convenient and adjustable Split Channel. Waving goodbye to days of compromise, Burton's Split Channel features pre-mounted pucks for easy setup and allows for fine-tuning throughout the season. You need only slide Burton's Hitchhiker or Spark split-specific bindings straight on, or purchase a conversion kit in order to use any ordinary bindings.

The Flight Attendant comes with a Super Fly II 700G Core, Burton's mid-range core which provides the best combination of strength, power, precision, pop and ultimately - fun! Weighing in at just 700 grams, this is one of the lightest cores on the market but boasts an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, giving the Flight Attendant a fast and lightweight glide.

Added to this are Dualzone EGD and Squeezebox, boasting unbeatable grip for take-off and landing. Strong, durable and lightweight, these technologies offer great edge-hold keeping you planted and manipulating turns with incredible responsiveness. Squeezebox tech is effective in all conditions, making untrodden terrain much easier to ride. Burton's Pro-Tip™ keeps the swing weight down when looking to spin and win.

Combined with a WFO Sintered Base, the Flight Attendant provides the power and aggression to take you to the skies. With a whole host of tech to keep it fast and light, the Flight Attendant Split Snowboard is for those pushing their big mountain riding, exploring untouched powder fields without limit.

Features Include
  • Directional Shape - The classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while providing plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition
  • 10mm Taper - Provides a versatile ride that promotes free and easy turns, making this board perfect for riding in any condition
  • Directional Camber Bend - Has camber under both feet for stability through deep-diving turns and variable conditions and a rockered nose that adds lift for increased float
  • Directional Flex - Features increased pop in the tail and a more resilient nose that allows riders to easily maintain control through all terrain and conditions
  • FSC™ Certified Super Fly II 700G Splitboard Core - Uses stronger and lighter woods to provide pop and strength while reducing overall weight
  • Triax Fiberglass - Provides versatile flex and response for everything from mini to mega shred
  • Sintered WFO Base - Infusing a specially formulated wax deep into the pores of this extra-absorbent, high-density sintered material results in an ultra-durable base that's perfect for all conditions
  • Split Channel Board Mount - A strong, quick and easy splitboard mounting system. All Burton splitboards come with Channel-compatible pucks pre-mounted for easy setup and stance width adjustment. The Burton Hitchiker, Spark and Voile splitboard specific bindings will fit straight on, all other bindings will require a simple conversion kit to allow you to fit them to the pucks
  • Squeezebox Core Profiling - Burton's most versatile profile improves pop and performance through the balance of thicker, more powerful core sections with thinner, more flexible sections. Rider energy is transferred outward from beneath the feet, energizing the tip and tail while making the board snappier, more stable and easier to manipulate
  • Pro-Tip - A tapered tip and tail thickness reduces swing weight for easier mobility
  • Infinite Ride - Burton break the board in at the factory to maximise strength while maintaining flex and pop so it rides the same on day 1 as it does on day 100
  • Super Sap Epoxy - A bio based resin that reduces the carbon footprint by 50% compared to conventional epoxies
  • Balanced Freeride Geometry - Combining the best of twin and directional, with a setback camber and stance-centred sidecut for a twin fresstyle feel on a flat base. Controlled tight turns with float and prowess
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate / Expert
  • Mountain Profile: Powder / Freeride
  • Camber Profile: Directional Camber
  • Shape: Directional
  • Base: Sintered WFO
  • Flex: Medium to Aggressive
  • Condition: Brand New - Factory waxed
  • Binding Compatibility: The Burton Hitchiker, Spark and Voile splitboard specific bindings will fit straight on, all other bindings will require a simple conversion kit to allow you to fit them to the pucks
Waist Width
Boot Size
Set Back
Rider Weight
82-118 +
Burton is the pinnacle of snowboarding and the absolute soul of the sport we all love. Since 1977 when the brand was founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in a Vermont barn, he spent the rest of his life dedicated to snowboarding with a burning passion to create innovative products, which has pushed the sport beyond boundaries ever thought possible.
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