Burton Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings
Burton Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings
Burton Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings
Burton Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings
Burton Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings
Burton Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings

Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings 2024

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Burton Lexa Re:Flex Women's Snowboard Bindings Burton Lexa Re:Flex
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Burton's top pick, pro-favourite binding for women riders made even more comfortable and durable!

About the Burton Lexa Re:Flex

The Burton Women's Lexa Re: Flex is Burton's high-end performance snowboard binding. For those who seek the ultimate in comfort, lightness, and response!

The baseplate of the Lexa is made of a 30% short glass and nylon composite which creates a flexible base that allows the board to move as it's designed to. The Re: Flex FullBED cushioning system with B3 Gel settles your boot into a natural, comfortable position regardless of your stance. The cushioning reduces leg fatigue, can take multiple impacts, and won't harden in cold temperatures. There is also an under-baseplate dampening pad on the Lexa for additional cushioning.

Burton has gone all out with their highback too. The Lexa features a Canted, Living Hinge, Zero Forward Lean Highback with Heel Hammock, and DialFLAD adjuster. The canting follows the natural contours of each leg for reduced pressure on the knees and ankles. The living hinge allows independent rotation of the forward lean and high back.

The Zero Forward Lean means you get a playful, free-flowing ride but when necessary you can use the DialFLAD forward lean adjuster to crank them forward and feel increased response and aggression for pipe walls or icy patches. The lightweight rubbery Heel Hammock grips your boots and means you don't have to have your straps cranked at full pressure while still getting a swift response.

The Hammockstrap 2.0 is a seamless and minimally designed ankle strap that is ultra-responsive whilst not being bulky. No need to have it cranked up to full, the material it's made from is so grippy that you don't need to squash your boots to get the fast response you want. Team all that up with the Flexslider which allows the ankle strap to fall fully open, making putting your board on simple and quick. The SuperGrip Capstrap toe strap has a firmer material in the spine and a lightweight grippy cover so that it moulds over your boots with ease but remains firm and quick to respond.

Finally, Burton's innovative Single-component Smooth Glide buckles are easy to secure and feature aluminium levers and a steel base for durability.

The Burton Lexa Re: Flex is a super tough, super responsive binding that we would recommend for those women who want to ride hard and charge in comfort.

Features Include
  • 30% Short Glass / Nylon Composite Baseplate - Strong and durable yet flexible when you need it to allow the board to perform
  • Single Component Canted Highback - Minimal design which is canted to mimic the natural stance of your legs to reduce pressure on the knees and ankles. This allows you to load more energy into the board and ride for longer with less faigue
  • Living Hinge Highback - Independent rotation and forward lean adjustment allow you to get the perfect level of fit and comfort with reduced weight thanks to fewer components
  • Zero Lean HighBack With DialFLAD -The highback can be set to zero and lie completely flat for a looser freestyle feel or using the tool-less DialFLAD you'll be able to crank it forwards for greater response
  • Hammockstrap 2.0 - Minimal stitchless construction with a nylon cross spine and an asymmetrical design which wraps your boot in response and comfort. Flip the straps round to change between added power or greater mobility
  • SuperGrip Capstrap Toe - The toe strap has a minimalist design with a firm material inner with a super grippy external material to keep a great hold on your toes
  • Single-component Smooth Glide Buckles - Easy to secure and feature aluminium levers and a steel base for durability
  • Re: Flex FullBED Cushioning System with B3 Gel - Dual density EVA settles your boot into a natural position regardless of stance width or angles for improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and more direct board control. B3 Gel is the same cushioning found in Burton's high-end boots for ultimate dampening
  • Re-Ground Materials - Created using recycled materials to reduce waste and help protect our winters
  • Lifetime Guarantee - Burton knows that you'll enjoy this binding a lot and they know it sucks when things break so their Rider Services have given the baseplate on these bindings a lifetime guarantee
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate / Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain
  • Flex: 5-8 (Medium - Stiff)
  • Compatibility: 4 hole & EST/ICS Channel system. 3 Hole/3D Conversion Discs sold separately
  • Condition: Brand New


Feefo User


Very good intermediate levels bindings, can be adjusted in multiple ways. Nice colours, although the pictures didn't show the entire design ( there is a spaceship on the high-back of the left binding).

Feefo User


Easy to use the straps and very nice looking bindings, easy to fit on my Nitro Lectra board.
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