Burton Replacement/Spares ICS M6 Channel Plugs

Replacement/Spares ICS M6 Channel Plugs

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Replacement plugs for your M6 channel Burton Snowboard.


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About the Burton Replacement/Spares

The Channel Plugs from Burton are replacement plugs for your M6 channel snowboard. These essential plugs will keep your binding screws from popping out the end of the channel, keeping you nice and secure, or for keeping your screws safe and sound in your board for storage. These brightly coloured plugs come in a variety of designs to keep your board looking great, and it never hurts to have a few back ups for such a crucial piece of kit.

Add a bit of bling to your M6 channel snowboard or grab yourself some spares, don't miss out on these vital plugs!

Burton is the pinnacle of snowboarding and the absolute soul of the sport we all love. Since 1977 when the brand was founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in a Vermont barn, he spent the rest of his life dedicated to snowboarding with a burning passion to create innovative products, which has pushed the sport beyond boundaries ever thought possible.
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