Butora Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe
Butora Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe
Butora Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe
Butora Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe
Butora Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe
Butora Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe

Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe

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Butora Narsha (Wide) Rock Climbing Shoe Butora Narsha (Wide)
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Designed for edging performance, with a comfortable, wider fit.

About the Butora Narsha (Wide)

Since its foundation, Butora has skyrocketed in popularity in both South Korea, and the U.S - and here at Absolute Snow we are stoked to bring them to the UK! The focus at Butora is a passion for innovative design and unrivalled quality.

The Narsha is a climbing shoe that can deliver optimal performance with maximum comfort: whether you’re spending a whole day at the crag or crushing at the gym.

The Butora Narsha climbing shoes are constructed with an aggressive, down-turned, climbing-specific last which encourages your toes to a hooked position. The shoe features a raised and deep-set heel that hugs your heel while helping your foot fit the shape of the shoe without being uncomfortable. This style and fit establishes the Narsha as a performance-orientated shoe for steeper sport climbing and bouldering, excelling at edging and conquering micro footholds.

The Narsha features durable, ultra-stiff rubber – engineered to optimise weight, streamline performance consistency, and enhance comfort: additionally complimented by an injection moulded midsole for intricate sensitivity. The Narsha has been designed with a unique ridged and generous rubber toe patch, for exceptional grip and sensitivity on hooks and pulls, as well as a high tension, four way stretch, heel rand to focus power into your heel hooks and eliminate slippage.

Butora’s Narsha is a single strap Velcro shoe with a tab for making minor adjustments which combined with innovative technology has created a down-turned and aggressive shoe for intermediate to advanced climbers, which excels in edging on steeper sport routes and bouldering problems.

The Lowdown:

  • Type: Stiff down-turned last for edging on overhanging climbing and performance on steeper terrain
  • Ability: Intermediate to advanced
  • Closure: Single velcro strap
  • Rubber: Butora Neo Force rubber
  • Midsole: 3D injection molded ABS midsole for precision edging and torsion rigidity
  • Weight: Approx. 750g


Popular high-performance climbing shoes with a comfortable, efficient fit. Butora is committed to always delivering the best possible climbing shoe for every level of climber. 
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