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Tentbox At A Glance

In addition to the bestselling Tentbox Classic, 2020 sees the launch of two fantastic new concepts in the Tentbox roof top tent line: the lightweight, softshell Tentbox Lite and the versatile Tentbox Cargo that lets you take the adventure further than ever before.

Tentbox attaches to the crossbars of any car or van making them incredibly accessible and versatile for a range of outdoor activities.  They set up in just minutes and fold down to deliver a low-profile, aerodynamic shape for high-mileage travel while the quality construction provides a lasting design for years of camping adventures to come.

Each Tentbox model comes ready with a lightweight telescopic ladder for access; a high-density memory foam mattress for sleeping comfort, and hardware for secure roof-bar attachment. Tentbox is committed to high-quality materials with waterproof SBS zips and a tough PU coated ripstop canvas walling seam-sealed with silicone sealant tape for complete rain protection.

Check out all three Tentbox models below alongside frequently asked questions.  Need a question answered?  Get in touch and we'll take care of it.


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 Tentbox Classic

 Berth: 2 Persons

 Setup Time: 1-minute

 Weight: 64.5 kg

 In Use: W125 x L210 x H100 cm

 Stored: W125 x L210 x H27 cm

 Style: Hard shell

 Roof: ABS Shell

 Walling: Ripstop canvas



Tentbox Lite

Berth: 2 Persons

Setup Time: 5 minutes

Weight: 50 kg

In Use: W140 x L240 x H112 cm

Stored: W120 x L140 x H25 cm

Style: Soft shell

Body: Ripstop canvas

Roof: 600D polyester

Tentbox FAQ 2020=



Tentbox FAQ 2020=

 Tentbox Cargo

 Berth: 2 Persons 

 Setup Time: 1 minute

 Weight: 64 kg

 In Use: W127 x L215 x H150 cm

 Stored: W127 x L215 x H16 cm

 Style: Hard shell

 Body: Ripstop canvas

 Roof: Honeycomb aluminium



Tentbox 2020=


Frequently Asked Questions 


Who Are Tentbox?

Tentbox is a British based company, founded in 2014 by brothers Ollie and Neill Shurville. Their original roof top tent design became the Tentbox Classic. From this success they developed the soft shell Tentbox Lite and the adventure ready Cargo alongside a range of accessories including an awning, insulation pod and solar panels for added camping convenience. Guided by their love of the outdoors, Tentbox are committed to the environment, with one tree planted for every Tentbox sold.

Will Tentbox Fit My Vehicle?

Tentbox is designed to work with a wide range of car and vans. Firstly, your vehicle will need to be fitted with a set of cross bars in the style that run the width of your vehicle's roof. Each Tentbox model comes with a universal attachment kit that secures your chosen model to the roof bars of your car or van. See the Tentbox installation guides below for a full demonstration:

Tentbox Classic Installation

Tentbox Cargo Installation

Tentbox Lite Installation

Will Tentbox Affect My Vehicle's Maximum Roof Load Limit?

Roof load limits can be broken down into two kinds: dynamic and static. Dynamic load limits govern the maximum roof load limit of a car in motion and are different from that of a vehicle when static. This is because a car in motion is subject to a number of lateral forces – such as acceleration, braking, and turning.  A car carrying a roof load in excess of its maximum limit would essentially become unstable at speed, whereas a stationary vehicle is subject to only the downward force of the roof load.

The heaviest Tentbox weighs just under 65kg which is generally well within most vehicles maximum dynamic roof load limit.  That said, it is important to always check your vehicle's roof load limit before deciding on a Tentbox.  Safety is paramount to Tentbox, and a more detailed analysis (and the math behind the science) of vehicle weight limits and dynamic vs. static loads can be found at the bottom of the page  here.

It is important to remember that Tentbox attaches to the cross bars which are in turn fixed to the steel frame of your vehicle. This distributes the weight through the vehicle’s frame keeping it safely away from the actual roof itself.  Vehicle frames are designed to withstand a great many forces – from protecting you in a crash to more minor impacts caused by road conditions and even speed bumps.  Most vehicle frames are built to take upwards of 500 kgs – which easily accommodates a Tentbox and two persons.

How Can I Order A Tentbox From You?

Simply place an order via our website.  Online orders will then be dispatched directly from Tentbox headquarters in the UK. You can elect to have it shipped directly to your home address or, if convenient, to our warehouse in Watford where it can be arranged for collection. Delivery is an estimated 3-4 business days from us receiving your order. Orders placed after 12pm will be processed the next business day. Prices include shipping for orders within the UK.  For international deliveries, please contact us for a quote.  For more information, feel free to drop us an email.

Does Tentbox Come With A Warranty?

All Tentboxes come with a 2-year warranty

Is Tentbox Waterproof?

Tentbox uses a range of technical fabrics and materials to ensure full protection in changing weather conditions. Their main fabric is a tough 280gsm canvas ripstop with a PU waterproof coating rated to 2000mm hydrostatic head. All seams are heat-sealed with waterproof silicone tape for added rain protection. Zips are made by leading manufacturer SBS with waterproof construction to protect from rain ingress. The soft-shell design of the Tentbox Lite also uses a tough 600 denier polyester rain hood covering for all windows and doors. For comparison, the average trekking tent will use around 70-100 denier polyester in the flooring and less than that in the fly.

Can I Use Tentbox In Windy Conditions?

All Tentbox models can be safely operated in winds of up to 38mph. Always check the weather conditions of your chosen destination and position your vehicle accordingly.

How Warm Is Tentbox?

Tentbox offers more insulation than a regular tent, simply by being elevated off the ground. Each model includes a 6cm thick memory foam mat for base insulation. The Tentbox Classic includes insulated roof lining for added warmth. For the cold weather adventurer, the Winter Insulation Pod (sold separately) can be added to line the interior of Classic models.



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