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DWR Coated Fabrics - Washing & Care Instructions & Advice

Over time DWR coatings become less effective due to the accumulation of dirt, body oils, sunscreen and vin chaud! Try washing your jacket/pants and the effectiveness of the DWR coating could bounce back (but it depends on the exact coating used). Do not wash too often because water and the harsh chemicals used in most detergents degrade the fluoropolymers used in DWR. In addition, soaps often leave a residue which attracts water and dirt, further diminishing the effectiveness of the DWR coating.

Always follow the manufacturers washing instructions but here are our top tips:

Top Tips - DWR Washing & Care

  • Use additive-free detergent or soap. You can use regular laundry detergent, but you may have to give it an extra rinse or two to get rid of any residue.
  • Do not use liquid or delicate detergents because they usually contain fabric softeners which impede the effectiveness of the DWR finish.
  • Use the machine's complete cycle to maximise the number of rinses.
  • Repeat the rinse cycle to ensure all soapy residue is removed.
  • Dry at medium-hot setting, and let the garment cycle for 15 minutes after it's dry to revive the original DWR finish.
  • If you have an iron with a cool synthetic setting, you can lightly iron the garment to perk up the DWR treatment.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Eventually, though washing, general use and abrasion, DWR coatings wear off but aftermarket DWR spays are available. We stock Grangers, so try it if you notice water soaking into your DWR coated jacket.