Snowboard Bindings

How to choose the right Flow binding for you

1. Flow snowboard bindings are the fastest rear entry binding system on the market, and we have created a comprehensive guide to help you chose the perfect Flow binding for your needs.


Flow’s entry level binding, the Alpha/Haylo is aimed at beginners or a rider who likes a soft playful binding. It features Flow’s ExoFit strap system and is perfect for any rider looking to get their first turns nailed. 


The Five or the Minx are where we see most riders trade up from the Alpha and Haylo. Building on the Alpha’s strong foundation, these models introduce the option to choose between two types of improved strap configurations. You can upgrade from the alpha’s ExoFit strap and go with the favoured Fusion strap for all mountain riding. Alternatively, you can check out the softer more freestyle orientated Hybrid strap. This strap offers you the best of both worlds as well, so you can use it like a traditional strap binding too. 

The Juno offers more response & comfort over the minx, featuring a hybrid chassis with a blend of glass filled nylon & lightweight aluminium. This combined with the extremely padded & canted footbed makes for a supremely comfortable ride, perfect for all mountain use with the Fusion strap. If you like a slightly softer binding or want a premium freestyle binding, then the hybrid strap is for you, offering step in & traditional closure methods.


At this point within the Flow binding range, we see the introduction of what Flow call the active strap system. When the highback is lowered, this system partially raises the main ankle. This is a huge upgrade and where most riders will normally trade up from the previous flow models. This is because it offers maximum speed & ease when sliding your boot in & out of the binding. The Fuse and Omni also receive an upgraded modular highback as well, providing targeted strength & support to improve overall comfort & performance.

This is the most versatile Flow binding, ideally suited to any progressing rider looking for a high quality all mountain binding, and still available in both Fusion & Hybrid (dual entry) strap configurations. 

Building on the Fuse’s world renowned features, riders looking for a more responsive can trade up to the GT model. This offers a massively upgraded highback, which adds considerable performance and response. The Aluminium heelcup combined with the enhanced straps ensures you’ll get lightning fast edge to edge response. This also comes in both Fusion & Hybrid (dual entry) configurations, but is aimed towards intermediate to advanced riders. 

The most popular binding in the range, the NX2 builds on the Fuse with a beefed up metal base for the all mountain rider who wants to trade up to a binding that doesn’t compromise. The footbed features improved cushioning & the NX2 adds super durable aluminium ratchets to its arsenal. All of this results in one of the most durable & comfortable all mountain bindings on the market. As always, available in both Fusion & Hybrid strap options. 

The most advanced binding in the range, the NX2 GT features an aluminium heelcup as well as an aluminium modular highback. Carbon is then infused into the support panel, combining to offer unrivalled power & performance. Intermediate to advanced riders trading up to the NX2 GT will be rewarded with one of the best performing bindings on the market. The NX2 GT is available in both strap configurations for riders who want pure performance or power & response with a dual entry option.


2. We've picked out our top recommendations for to each style of riding below. 

Freeride - Powerful & responsive bindings

Flow Fuse GT Fusion

Flow NX2 Fusion

Flow NX2 GT Fusion - Our Top Recommendation

All mountain - Versatile bindings capable of handing all terrain 

Flow Fuse Fusion

Flow NX2 Fusion - Our Top Recommendation

Freestyle - Softer and more playful bindings, perfect for quick park laps

Flow Five Hybrid

Flow Fuse Hybrid - Our Top Recommendation

Beginner -  Softer more forgiving bindings for riders looking to build confidence and progress

Flow Alpha

Flow Five - Our Top Recommendation

Flow Fuse (recommended for progressing beginner)

We make our recommendations based on years of experience riding & testing these products, so if you have any further questions, simply drop us a message HERE.


3. Key Technology Explained

Hybrid Straps vs Fusion Straps

Hybrid – offers both traditional & “step in” options. Great for anyone transitioning from a traditional binding, this style has a slightly softer flex overall, so is more popular with freestyle riders and beginners.

Fusion – The team favourite, this single piece strap offer the best step in performance, but still has ratchets so for fine adjustment. These can be used to put the binding on like a traditional binding if the rider needs to.

Active Strap System

Speed Entry has never been more convenient with Flow's revolutionary Active Strap System. The strap automatically lifts up when you recline the Hiback, and it actively tightens again when you close the Hiback. This system also reduces friction and creates more room so that getting in and out of your binding is incredibly fast and easy. This technology is featured on the NX2, Fuse and Omni binding models.

LSR Buckles

Locking slap ratchets perform just like a standard ratchet, however they also allow the user to lock them. This mean's once you have your binding setup just how you like it, you wont accidentally change your strap positioning hoping in & out. This is featured on all Flow bindings.