Kneeboard Buying Guide

Types of Knee Boards


  • The majority of recreational kneeboarders use boards that are manufactured using rotational moulding (roto molded). This form of kneeboard board is widely available and is less expensive than competitive boards.
  • Roto molded boards provide soft, wide edges that make them best suited for beginners/allround users.
  • The recreational design allows for smooth turning and sustained control for beginners.
  • Recreational boards are relatively thick and quite buoyant as well. This makes the board a suitable flotation device after a spill.
  • Some roto molded kneeboards will offer fins for increased ease-of-turning.



  • Competitive kneeboards are manufactured using compression moulding, providing greater performance and more durability for competitive riders.
  • Competitive boards are thinner in comparison to recreational boards. They are also lighter in weight and have sharper edges for quicker turns and better tricks.
  • Unlike roto molded boards, compression moulded boards are less buoyant. This makes competitive boards better suited for advanced riders who prefer deep-water starts.


Board Construction

  • Most kneeboards are a universal size – so anyone can use them and have fun.



  • The materials that a kneeboard is made from are similar to those used in water skis.
  • Kneeboard materials are a polyurethane or foam core that is wrapped in fiberglass or a fiberglass/graphite composite exterior.
  • Fiberglass/graphite exteriors are most commonly found on advanced boards.



  • The rocker is an important measurement when comparing the speed of kneeboards.
  • In its simplest definition, the rocker of a kneeboard is the measurement of the curve on the bottom of the kneeboard.
  • A high rocker number indicates an easier turning board.
  • A lower rocker number signifies a faster board. The lower the number, the faster it is.
  • A common rocker measurement that is found on kneeboards 5-6 centimeters.


 Kneeboard Features

  • Adjustable Fins may or may not be present on recreational boards. Fins make you go straight but for the more advanced rider who wants to do tricks, fins just get in the way.
  • Rope hook to attach the handle rope to.


  • Knee Pads/Strap – moulded kneepads give you better manoeuvrability and control and the strap holds you tight to the board.