Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide

There is not a lot of techno splurb or science we need to share with you in this skateboard trucks buying guide, other than the following key points:

  • The majority of trucks are 5.0” in hanger width - which makes them good for most skateboard decks with widths of 7.25” – 8.0”.

  • Most trucks are mid height but you can also get low or high trucks.

  • Low trucks are often preferred for technical street skating and skaters that do lots of flip tricks. These are designed to be used with smaller wheels around 50 – 55 mm.

  • High trucks are often preferred for people that just like cruising and going fast so  you can use nice big wheels 58mm +.

  • Buy a decent brand, like any of the ones we stock.  Avoid cheap imitations of the real thing because they easily break.