What are the different types of Bern Helmet Construction?

Bern Helmet Constructions

Here you will find information on the differences in Bern helmet constructions. The main differences between Thin Shell (EPS), Hard Hat (Brock Foam) and Zip Mold will be explained along with the pros and cons of each construction type.

Thin Shell EPS Bern Helmet construction

EPS is the industry standard for helmet protection. 99% of snow, skate and bike helmets are made of this. It's a hard expanded polystyrene foam that offers great protection and is lightweight.

It is however designed for single impacts. When the energy is absorbed by the EPS it causes a break. If you have a big fall you may need to replace the helmet as its shell may well be cracked and the protection compromised.

Hard Hat Brock Foam Bern Helmet construction

Brock Foam is a Bern innovation and offers something unique to action sport helmets. Brock Foam is very breathable and malleable, meaning that Hard Hats are incredibly comfortable and lightweight.

However they don't meet winter sports and skate/bike safety standards. In our opinion however they are perfect for all but the most hardcore skiers and snowboarders as they're designed for multiple impacts so can be worn again and again without replacing the helmet after a fall and offer almost as much protection as EPS.

Zip Mold Bern Helmet construction

This is the most advanced of the construction methods which make the lightest and thinnest helmets without compromising any protection. Zip Mold helmets offer the same level of protection as Thin Shell (EPS) helmets but in a lower profile design.

A thin PVC shell is liquid injected with Zip Mold foam which gives a seamless, one piece construction helmet that sits incredibly low on your head and feels like nothing's there.

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