What is the Evoc Liteshield Back Protector and how does it work?

Evoc Liteshield

Evoc have dedicated themselves to provide the best quality in design, functionality, reliability and safety. With all these qualities they are one of the top brands in the sports industry to provide premium quality products. With this in mind Evoc have included their remarkable Liteshield Back Protector Technology in their protection wear range, and most importantly in their premium backpack range.

Evoc have combined the benefits of state-of-the-art functional apparel and a CE-certified protector system. Evoc's focus is on protection, wearing comfort and low weight. This offers maximum impact protection, super light weight, with superb flexibility and it's totally immune to temperature changes.

Materials and protective function have been CE tested and certified according to EU standard 89/686/EWG for personal protective gear (PSA), category 2.

To Prove compliance with these standards, a tapered, 5 kg test weight drops onto the protector from 1 meter height. To meet the requirements, the generated impact force of the steel body of 150 - 180 kN must be slowed down to an average residual force of a maximum of 18 kN. Reaching a residual force of only 9.75 kN, the EVOC LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR offers damping capabilities which are almost twice as effective as the standards require.

The typical shock absorption curve is relatively pointed for most protectors so the impact energy hits the body in a very direct manner. The EVOC LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR, however, offers a segmented layer construction to guarantee perfect damping. The absorption curve is very flat. The impact force is distributed onto a series of elements and thus, onto a larger area, which helps considerably reduce the direct impact onto the wearer's body.


The Back Link System is a 3D moulded EVA-padding that connects the Liteshield Back Protector with the Coccyx Protector. This will extend the overall area of impact over the lumbar spine. The part of the back protector that lies against the spine is flat to provide higher wearing comfort. The Backlink folds away to give an easy access to the removable Coccyx Protector.

Backlink System

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