What is the Northwave Super Lace System on snowboard boots?

Northwave's Super Lace System is probably the best snowboard boot lacing system on the market which is why our staff love it! Check out the great features below and watch our demonstration video to see it for yourself.

The Northwave Super Lace system makes it incredibly easy to get a tight and comfortable fit every time. The Super Lace System is unique to Northwave with no other brands making a system that is as solid and reliable. The system works with two clips at the top of the boots tongue. One clip allows for adjustment of the lower forefoot laces and the other for the upper top laces along the tongue. The Clips have 3 positions - Open, Tensioned and Locked.

When in their lowest 'open' position the laces flow freely through the clips helping you get in and out of the boots in a matter of seconds. When you're ready to start doing them up you pop the clips into their middle 'tensioned' position. A strong spring holds the clips in place allowing you to pull the laces and adjust the boots so that they fit perfectly. When you're happy with how thy feel you push the clips to their top locked position and the laces are secure.

This system also allows you to tweak and adjust the fit throughout the day in a matter of seconds without having to even get out of your bindings.

You can independently adjust the tension of your boots in different areas because the Super Lace system has two independent laces. One controlling the lower, forefoot area of the boot and the other controlling the upper from the ankle upwards. This also allows you to ride with a loser top section for a more skate inspired feel or crank them both down when hitting big lines in the backcountry.

The Super Lace system makes it really quick and easy to slide your boots on then crank on the correct tension. Then at the end of the day when you are totally knackered the boots slide off just as easily.

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