Rock Climbing Equipment

What Makes So iLL Rock Climbing Shoes Different to Other Brands?

1. Outstanding Kickstarter Campaign Created and Backed by Climbers

So iLL climbing shoes were initially funded and launched in America via a Kickstarter Funding campaign. To this day it is the highest funded climbing Kickstarter campaign in history. At Absolute-Snow, we knew from the second we saw a fresh new take on climbing shoes that we had to add So iLL climbing shoes to our range.

2. Unique Looks

So iLL rock climbing shoes have a distinct and unique finish to them which make them easy to spot out of a line up of climbing shoes. They were designed with inspiration taken from a mash up of vintage running shoes, retro football shoes and bowling shoes; you can really see the throwback ideas highlighted in every single model. One of the newer lines: 2020 Gold is a shout out to climbing being included in the Olympics in 2020. It's clear these guys are a young brand who love a good throwback but are also in with the times. Some might call them hipster - we think if the performance is right, call it whatever you like!

3. Coloured Rubber

The most striking point of difference that So iLL have incorporated into their shoes is the use of coloured rubber. Specifically in The Kick, The Kick LV, The Runner, The Runner LV and The Street LV; you will notice the rubber ranges from hints of white and green pops all the way to full-on coverage of blue rubber.

We're sure you've seen other brands with pops of colour but this tends to only be on heel or arch rands - arguably non-climb zones or certainly less in-contact-with-rock areas of shoes. None have fused colour with rubber on the high wear areas successfully.

4. Dark Matter Rubber

So iLL's rock climbing shoe rubber not only comes in funky colours, it has been sourced from a highly credible authority: The United States Navy Seals.

Originally formulated for the Navy Seals, the technology behind Dark Matter Rubber’s purpose was to ensure traction on rugged and varied approaches. So iLL have taken the best of the best and applied it to climbing shoes. If it’s good enough for the Navy Seals, it should see you progress through a few climbing grades!

5. Backed by Absolute-Snow Climbers

Tried and tested by our very own staff and sponsored athletes. So iLL are a solid favourite for our locally sponsored climber Tom Hudson. He is a master of route setting and loves climbing in his all black The Streets.  


6. Limited Availability

We are one of a limited number of retailers who stock the full range of So iLL climbing shoes in the UK so we are able to offer the most competitive prices. We also ship internationally so that climbers in Europe, Australia, Japan and beyond can get their feet in So iLL shoes and #TakeHold If you are after a specific size, do not hesitate to request it via our messaging system.