Why Do You Need a Snowboard Binding Tool? - The Absolute Guide

Snowboard binding tools are an essential bit of kit that every rider should carry. You never know when you might need one! Below are some of our top reasons why you should always carry a good quality snowboard binding tool. Check out our selection of Snowboard Binding Tools to find the right one for you.

Binding Tools

For Safety

Snowboard bindings have nuts, bolts, screws and clips holding all the parts together. These can and do work loose over time and usually at the worst possible moments. At the start of each day you should check your bindings and give them a once over to make sure everything is in place. Make sure all nuts and bolts are nice and tight and everything is still where it's supposed to be. Below our staff share some of their horror stories of broken bindings to help prove this point.

MattBack in the day, when I was a poor student, my second hand pair of Burton Customs literally fell apart at the very top of the mountain on the very last run of the day - so it was getting cold and dark and no one was around to help. Luckily I found all the bits that had fallen off and I had a binding tool with me so I could re-assemble everything. I dread to think what would have happened otherwise. It would have been a very long and dangerous walk back in the dark.
TomA few seasons back I passed a guy walking down the piste with his board under his arm. His binding had worked loose and come off and he had no binding tool on him and was miles from the nearest lift. I had forgotten to pack my tool so could not help him. I did the same run 5 times and passed him each time until he made it down the mountain 2.5 hours later.
TobyA bit of a daft one really. I hadn't checked my bindings in the morning and hadn't realised the screw on my footbed had come loose. A short walk from the chalet to the lift and the footbed fell out. I went back for it but never found it. Made for a pretty uncomfortable days riding with only one footbed on my bindings.
ChrisI was riding in the 3 Valleys, France and my back foot suddenly felt a bit funny. When I stopped to check it I noticed that my highback had cracked where it was attached to the heelcup. If I'd had a scredriver on me I could have bodged it back together to get home. Needless to say I wasn't in the same valley I was staying in so it was a bit of a lengthy trek back.

To Fine Tune Your Ride

A good binding tool allows you to make adjustments to your set up anywhere. It allows you to adjust your stance width, stance angles, set back stance, highback rotation, strap positions and much more. The smallest of adjustments can make a massive difference to your riding and performance in different conditions. Centering your bindings when hitting the park and moving them back on your board when you go off piste makes a world of difference.

To Pack Away Your Gear

When it is time to pack up and go home, removing your bindings from your board makes it much easier to pack more gear into your snowboard bag!

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