What's New for Winter 2021: Snowboard Gear Highlights

The snowboard industry is always changing, ever evolving. Sometimes it's hard to keep up on what's the latest technology? Why doesn't your favourite snowboard doesn't exist anymore? and what pro models still exist? We’re sure we say this every winter, but this season seems to be bigger and better than ever. With new snowboards from Burton, updated snowboard bindings from Union and even a DC Step-On boot. We have compiled our favourites and provided a little sneak preview into what’s new for winter 2020/2021. We’ve done the research so you can just browse this season's new snowboard gear and get planning your next snowboard trip.

2020/2021 Burton Snowboards, Bindings & Boots Highlights

When it comes to snowboarding, Burton is a household name. For winter 2020/2021, Burton, Still one of the most popular brands in snowboarding, continues to focus on being environmentally conscious whilst their supply chain has recently been accredited by the fair labor association. This season they have added new snowboard models, such as the Burton Straight Chuter and the Burton Straight Pow Wrench to the family tree range, which, for the first time, are gender neutral. Notably, the graphics on many of the new Burton snowboards have been given a refresh, like the Deep Thinker, featuring designs by the artist Scott Lenhardt, to add that professional finish.

The Burton Process is still around for 2020/2021, in both positive camber and the flying v hybrid camber, perfect if you are looking for an all mountain, freestyle snowboard and something less aggressive than the Burton Custom. What makes this board so popular in previous years is the Frostbite edges to help with control even on icy surfaces and scoop nose and tail to provide a catch free ride. And, If you are looking for some new snowboard bindings to pair the Process with, then look no further than the Burton Cartel X. Brand new for 2020/2021, this binding is a slightly stiffer but a more responsive version of the Burton Cartel Re:flex. Love it or hate it, the Burton Step On Snowboard Binding is back this year, with the new addition of the Step On X, that features 50:50 carbon fibre composite in the baseplate and highback, for those riders who want a rigid but ultra lightweight binding...They’ve even been nice enough to let DC have a collaborative model.

Not forgetting the new Burton Snowboard boots for 2020/2021. All the favourites are still available for this winter, the Burton Ion, Photon, Ruler, Moto and ladies Mint, but this year, Burton have injected a bit of colour into some of the designs.

New & Noteworthy From Burton For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Bataleon Snowboards Highlights

For the winter 2020/2021 season, Bataleon have made a tweak to their world famous Triple Base Technology (3BT) in some of their snowboards. The 3BT in Bataleon's The Jam now features flexible composite material that is integrated into the wood core along the 3BT crease points. This helps to dampen vibrations at high speed and make your snowboard ride smoother in all conditions, it’s basically suspension for your snowboard. The 3BT has helped put Bataleon at the forefront of snowboarding and this increased design shows the brand has no intention of slowing down.

Returning highlights of the Bataleon snowboard range for this season are the Bataleon Chaser, Bataleon Fun Kink and the Bataleon Evil Twin. For those riders wanting something a little different, Bataleon have added the Party Wave+ snowboard and the Camel 2 snowboard. The most notable feature on these new boards is the tail, a directional swallow tail that allows for smooth controlled turns on piste, not just designed for powder riding. But, If it's a powder board you are after, then look no further than the Bataleon Surfer. Combining that surfing feel whilst floating on fresh powder, the Surfer snowboard screams fun just by looking at the design. That super oversized swallow tail helps with keeping the nose afloat, meaning you’ll carve and glide across the freshest snow effortlessly, just like riding a wave.

One other awesome new feature for 2020/2021 is Bataleon’s own Side Kick Tips. On the all new Bataleon Women’s Distoria, the Side Kick Tips helps enhance the 3BT base and increases sidebase lift for smoother turns, float in powder and stability in all terrains. There’s no mistaking a Bataleon snowboard this coming winter, with every model featuring their signature hand logo, we are pretty sure you’ll be spotting a board in every lift que.

New & Noteworthy From Bataleon For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Capita Snowboards

The 2020/2021 Capita collection looks as awesome as ever, with their range growing year on year, we are sure there's a snowboard to suit every kind of rider. Starting the Capita Spring Break selection, with now 5 snowboards in this series, seasoned snowboarders will be happy to know that the Capita Slush Slasher is returning for 2021. Capita have made sure that the emphasis on having fun whilst riding powder is still a crucial part of the design process, with the new addition of the Powder Twin snowboard, fun is what you're going to have. At first glance, It looks like a park board, but Capita have fooled you, as this board has taken all the main criteria from the Spring Break rule book. Featuring Spring Break's Surf Rocker Twin profile, this snowboard has stolen its inspiration from modern surfboard designs, that offers maximum float and control when creating those fresh lines.

Popular models like the Capita Mercury, Black Snowboard of Death and Capita DOA return for winter 2020/2021 and the good news is, Capita have added another three wide sizes to the DOA snowboard. This means it now comes in a massive 12 different options to fit anyone, from a 148 up to a 161 wide. But, let’s not forget the Capita Super DOA. If you don’t know anything about this snowboard, it’s like the technical older brother of the DOA. It features their FSC® Certified 3D Thermopolymer Hover Core™, an extremely lightweight and versatile core which uses recycled thermopolymer inlaid channels which combine to provide great high impact resistance and maximum pop. The clue is in the name, the SUPER DOA, a super snowboard! Capita’s main focus for this coming winter is more days on the hill with deeper riding, and it's safe to say they have the range this year to do just that!

New & Noteworthy From Capita For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Jones Snowboards Highlights

Over the last 10 years, Jeremy Jones has steered his Snowboard brand in the right direction to success. Jones (the man and the brand) has contributed so much to the snowboard industry, from sustainable products to making backcountry riding more accessible, and Jones snowboard fans know exactly what to expect from the brand. 2020/2021 is no exception, with Jeremy stating “Stagnation is not an option”, with the newest addition of the Stratos snowboard, this winter is going to be a good one. The Stratos was an experiment snowboard that Jeremy just had to release. At a quick look, it could be dismissed as another directional freeride snowboard, but the Jones Stratos features a narrow Progressive Sidecut with a friendly flex creating a very playful feeling board needed for freestyle adventures. This board may have a playful flex, but it has been designed to hold a huge amount of power whilst pulling in and out of turns. Soft enough to butter and jib yourway through soft snow, but powerful enough to hold down some heavy turning, what more could you want from a Jones snowboard this winter?

Jones snowboards have also added two new models to their range for this winter. Favourites, the Jones Flagship and Jones Mountain Twin have had updated graphics added to them, but most notable is the Ultra versions of these boards. The Jones Ultra Flagship is a lightweight, carbon infused snowboard with a set back stance for powerful powder riding, making this board one of the most aggressive boards on the market. Whilst the Jones Ultra Mountain Twin is an eco friendly, lightweight, super fast charger. The lightning fast sintered 9900 base is one of the fastest bases in snowarding right now, combine this with magnetraction for grip in all conditions and you have two board designed to help take your free riding to the next level.

New & Noteworthy From Jones For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Lib Tech Snowboards

Before we get started, the Orca snowboard and Skate Banana Snowboard are still in Lib Tech’s range for the 2020/21 winter season. Probably two of the fastest selling snowboards ever to exist, Lib Tech’s The Orca and Lib Tech’s Skate Banana are two snowboards that live up to the hype. The Orca snowboard has had some upgrades to its core for this winter, to Lib Tech’s HorsePower Construction, a lighter, more smooth and environmentally sustainable, but the distinctive top sheet remains the same. It’s this top sheet that has made the Orca snowboard so recognisable, from seeing Travis Rice take on mind blowing runs on his collaboration snowboard, this award winning freeride board will have any rider destroying the mountain this season.

It wouldn't be winter without the Lib Tech Skate Banana and on the outside, the 2020/2021 version of this snowboard appears to have calmed down. The graphics look toned down, gone are the giant BANANA lettering across the base, the bright colours to help this snowboard stand out in a crowd. The 2020/2021 Lib Tech Skate Banana looks like a matured snowboard… until you take a look at the technology. Whilst it might be toned down, this snowboard has been designed to be the perfect all round snowboard. From beginners to seasoned pro riders, the Lib Tech Skate Banana changed snowboarding with its magnetraction edges that cut through the snow like a knife and its Original BTX Banana rocker shape that guarantees float while retaining the control and stability. This board has stood the test of time for over 10 years now and Lib tech do not plan on getting rid of it.

2020/2021 Salomon Snowboards

Salomon are no strangers to the snowboard scene and for 2020/2021 they have gone all out on their range. The classics are still there, the Salomon Huck Knife, the Salomon Gypsy and the Salomon Villain, but unlike many other snowboard brands, Salomon put as much effort into designing their entry level boards as their high end models. The Salomon Craft is an exceptional snowboard. This board has been designed to perform well in any terrain without breaking the bank. The Salomon Craft features the award winning Rock-Out Camber profile that has expanded through salomon's range due to it's unprecedented success and allows for a forgiving ride whilst still offering float on soft snow.

This year there’s a new snowboard to shout about. The first is the Salomon DanceHaul. A new concept for Salomon, this board is a non-gendered shredding machine. You could be mistaken in thinking the Salomon DanceHaul looks like a powder board, but this versatile, freeride snowboard performs just as well on piste or in the park. Designed to suit any style of riding, the addition of Radial Sidecut utilises a classic circular shape, this will enable riders to get a consistent response whether riding switch or regular. With its fat, tapered directional shape to add playfulness,to quote Salomon, the DanceHaul will have you ‘dancing’ on the mountain in any condition.

Let's not overlook the Salomon HPS range for winter 2020/2021, this unique collaboration with Salomon, Wolle Nyvelt & Takaharu Nakai, are crafted for supreme all mountain and deep snow performance. The snowboards feature a traditional powder shape, made for piste and powder performance, an agile sidecut, quick edge to edge response, and a tapered tail for effortless float. Mix that in with that elegant walnut woodgrain top sheet and you’ve got yourself a range of boards that are perfect for any freeride session.

New & Noteworthy From Salomon For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Nidecker Snowboards

For their 2020/21 gear, Nidecker have pushed the boundaries on taking inspiration from the past and re-designing the future. This brand’s heritage spans over five decades and the 2020/2021 season highlights what they have accomplished and what the future holds. As a brand whose reputation is more geared towards performance and freeriding, the big new board from Nidecker for 2020/2021 is the Sensor Plus Snowboard. This true twin, cambered, low flex snowboard is designed for freestyle riders looking to push their riding to the next level. With its SideKick tech, it still offers forgiveness in the contact points but is versatile enough to take on the whole mountain.

The classic snowboards are still in the collection, with the Nidecker Mosquito and Nidecker UltraLight, but with new models, such as the Lipstick snowboard, Nidecker are showing that this season, they mean business! The Nidecker Lipstick may instantly sound like a female specific snowboard, but when you take one look at this board you’ll realise this board is a tribute to an original 80’s snowboard and is a men’s specific freestyle charger! The LipStick snowboard is a re-edition of Nidecker's classic first generation all mountain reference snowboard. The directional twin shape is perfect to ride all over the mountain making it easier to ride switch whilst those graphics are just that splash of 80’s nostalgia that you didn't realise was missing from your board collection. It might feature an original topsheet, but the technology has been updated to the highest level. With a fast and extremely durable carbon nano particle sintered N-9000 base, this board makes sure you can hold your speed on any terrain.

New & Noteworthy From Nidecker For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Union Snowboard Bindings

Arguably the biggest snowboard binding company in the industry, Union are ready to take on 2020/2021 with Force (pardon for the pun). The classics are still at the top of the range, with new colourways in the Union Contact Pro, Union Trilogy and Union Strata, but this year , Union Binding Company has completely re-designed the Atlas snowbard binding. This new for 2020/2021 snowboard binding has done away with the epoxy, the fabric straps that slowly fall apart have been replaced with anti slip grip material and there’s no more EVA foam that dampens responsiveness.

Another first from Union this season, is the addition of a split board binding. The Expedition binding has been designed to have a natural board feel with less moving parts and durable design built to handle the longest tours and steepest lines. They have focussed on making sure the Expedition binding has a look and feel more like a traditional binding, meaning you don't compromise your riding style.

For winter 202/2021, Union Binding Company continues to design snowboard bindings that bring the rider more comfort whilst bridging the gap between rider and snowboard to be as one.

New & Noteworthy From Union For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Flow Snowboards

A lot of snowboarders swear by Flow bindings. The added convenience, ease of entry, durability and response of Flow bindings compared to the traditional, more conventional snowboard bindings.

For the 2020/2021 winter season, the latest from Flow comes with the new EXO-PowerStraps. These 3D moulded straps feature a top layer called the ‘ExoSpine’ which forms a connection with your ankles and toes. This holds your boot in place for direct energy transfer and response. Under the spine of the binding, you have two options of the main strap, either the EXO-Frame or EXO-Kush. These vary slightly in their response and cushioning but help get rid of any unwanted pressure. This also helps with keeping the overall precision from boot to board. Both the Flow NX2 and Flow Fuse bindings now feature the EXO-Kush straps, but the technology can be found throughout the entire Flow range, with models such as the Flow Fenix, Flow Mayon, and Flow Micron Youth also featuring the EXO-Frame straps. The majority of Flow models are compatible with either the Fusion or Hybrid strap option. Depending on your preference or riding ability, there’s either a single piece style strap or one which connects the ankle strap to a more traditional separate toe cap.

2020/2021 Thirtytwo Snowboard Boots

Through 25 Years of rider driven snowboarding, thirtytwo are a brand that have come to be renowned for their comfort and style but also their team of sponsored riders, such as Scott Stevens and JP Walker. This winter we see the return of the classic snowboard boots, the thirtytwoTM2 and the thirtytwo Lashed. Coming in both Boa and lace up, these boots have been a favourite among riders throughout the years.

Thirtytwo have given their boots the signature Team Fit heat moldable liner, that uses intuition foam which conforms with heat to perfectly mold to the shape of your foot for a custom fit. Couple this with thirtytwo's Heel Hold Kit which works together with the liner to reduce pressure points and enhance overall comfort, giving you one of the best out-of-the-box fit's on the market.

New for 2020/2021 from thirtytwo is the lighter Jones MTB snowboard boot. Known for producing some of the lightest snowboard boots on the market, in January 2020, thirtytwo announced that new Jones MTBsnowbaord boots are 10% lighter for winter 2020-2021. With Jeremy Jones working closely with thirtytwo, the collaboration has produced a revolutionary boot tailored for hiking and split boarding performance. The MTB uses a moulded rubber toe cap, taped seams and a newly designed, easy entry Full-Zip Gaiter which protects your laces from freezing over and ensures comfort and warmth, meaning your session can last longer.

New & Noteworthy From Thirtytwo For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Adidas Snowboard Boots

The Adidas Samba, Adidas Tactical and Adidas Superstar are all back for winter 2020/2021, with classic and updated colourways. The Silver Level liner, which has been injected with Ultralon moldable foam, allowing the liner to adapt to the shape of your foot is still a big feature. Whilst the 3D molded tongue that molds around your leg in three dimensions and delivers superior comfort, longer lasting flex, and superb response has had a small upgrade.

The Adidas Samba, Adidas Tactical and Adidas Superstar are all back for winter 2020/2021, with classic and updated colourways. The Silver Level liner, which has been injected with Ultralon moldable foam, allowing the liner to adapt to the shape of your foot is still a big feature. Whilst the 3D molded tongue that molds around your leg in three dimensions and delivers superior comfort, longer lasting flex, and superb response has had a small upgrade.

There's no hiding those 3 side stripes that make Adidas so recognisable, love them or hate them, this brand is here to stay!