Demon Hyper Knee/Shin X D3O Ski/Snowboard Guard Pads
Demon Hyper Knee/Shin X D3O Ski/Snowboard Guard Pads

Hyper Knee/Shin X D3O Ski/Snowboard Guard Pads

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High impact premium D3O knee/shin protection from Demon


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About the Demon Hyper Knee/Shin X D3O

The Demon Hyper Knee/Shin XD3O snowboard/ski pads are a great option for protecting your knees and shins from the hardest falls, especially on hard-packed snow and ice, pretty much everything on the mountain.

D3O technology is a patented smart material known for its use in protective gear and impact-resistant products. The material is soft and flexible at rest, but upon impact, it instantly hardens due to non-Newtonian polymers within a dilatant fluid. This unique property allows D3O to provide effective impact protection without sacrificing comfort or flexibility. Widely applied in sports, industrial, electronics, and military contexts, D3O is utilised in helmets, knee pads, gloves, and other gear, offering a combination of comfort and enhanced impact resistance by dynamically adapting its stiffness in response to sudden forces.

The front caps consist of a ballistic fabric front shield to protect against sharp edges and protect the D3O material, along with side padding and dual-density foam for an unbeatable level of comfort.

This way it can be worn comfortably without restricting any range of movement but still provide superb shock-absorbing protection. For extra comfort, these knee/shin pads are made with neoprene, and lycra for support, sweat dispersion and added durability.

The Demon Hyper Knee/Shin XD3O snowboard/ski pads will be essential for any rider as they offer maximum protection and flexibility using D3O technology. The knee/shin pads are lightweight and their low profile construction will fit comfortably under any snowboard/ski pants.

Using high-quality materials they are extremely comfortable yet breathable making these knee/shin pads the best option for support and protection on the mountain and other extreme sports.

The Lowdown:
  • D3O Protection Pad: A breakthrough in protection technology offering you mould-able armour with amazing impact protection
  • Dual Density Foam: Mixture of low and high density foam in the padding for comfort, flexibility and above all else solid protection
  • Made with Neoprene, Lycra material: With double bound stitching throughout the pad making it extra durable
  • Ballistic material for front shield
  • Sleek Pull On Sleeve with straps
  • Low profile
  • CE EN 1621-1 certified
Demon United are market leaders in the specialist field of snowboarding and ski accessories, with their body armour and helmets offering outstanding levels of protection and value for money!
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