DMM Spectre 18cm Rock Climbing Quickdraw


Spectre 18cm Rock Climbing Quickdraw

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DMM Spectre 18cm Rock Climbing Quickdraw DMM Spectre 18cm
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A single Spectre Quickdraws for a quick rack setup, from DMM.


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About the DMM Spectre 18cm

The DMM Spectre Quickdraws are the perfect balance between size, strength and weight.

The Spectre carabiners feature lightweight wire gates, that are less likely to freeze and clog with ice, appropriate for trad, alpine and winter climbing. Carabiners with wire gates need a gate notch to achieve their full strength rating. The notches on these carabiners are as small as possible while remaining functional, reducing the chance of them snagging on other equipment.

I-Beam construction techniques allow carabiners to be lighter without compromising strength. This is achieved through hot forging, a process which allows the metal to be made into complex shapes that improve functionality.

The carabiners on the Spectre Quickdraws are differentiated by colour, allowing you to consistently use the same end for either protection or ropes.

Just a single 25cm quickdraw to make up a great starter or additional rack pack for a variety of situations, connected by an 11mm Dynatec sling.

The Lowdown

12cm Specs
  • Weight: 75g total
  • Gate Opening: 23mm
  • Length: 12cm Quickdraws
18cm Specs
  • Weight: 77g total
  • Gate Opening: 23mm
  • Length: 18cm Quickdraws
25cm Specs
  • Weight: 80g total
  • Gate Opening: 23mm
  • Length: 25cm Quickdraws
  • Mounted on 11mm Dynatec for Sport, Trad or Winter Climbing
  • Lightweight I-Beam Construction
  • Small Gate Notch Reduces Snagging
  • Wire Gate Carabiners
  • Contrasting Carabiner Colours Identify Rope and Gear Ends of Quickdraw


DMM is an awesome recreational climbing and mountaineering equipment company from Llanberis North Wales. Founded in 1981 they still make and test all their gear from home. 
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