Flow Nexus Fusion Step In Snowboard Bindings
Flow Nexus Fusion Step In Snowboard Bindings
Flow Nexus Fusion Step In Snowboard Bindings
Flow Nexus Fusion Step In Snowboard Bindings

Nexus Fusion Step In Snowboard Bindings 2024

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Flow Nexus Fusion Step In Snowboard Bindings Flow Nexus Fusion
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Dual-entry versatility matched with all-mountain fun, ideal for beginners who want to progress and feel confident on the mountain.

About the Flow Nexus Fusion

The Nexus Fusion snowboard bindings are Flow's entry-level all-mountain binding, incorporating a huge amount of high-end technology for a great price.

The 1-piece Fusion Comfort Fit Strap has a 3D design which snugly fits around the forefoot and holds your boot in place. With the speed entry step-in system, you can get in and out of your bindings in no time. Simply unlock the high back, recline, step in and then lock it back to its usual position. Super Quick, and super simple!

The Nexus uses a glass-filled Nylon Asym rockered baseplate design for great energy transfer with a slightly wider base than the NX2 and Fuse for superb stability that progressing riders will benefit from. The baseplate features off-axis Power Beams to enhance the power transfer to the toe and heel edges for effortless riding while the rockered corners help the board maintain a better and more natural flex.

Flow has really pushed their innovation in their glass-filled nylon Asym highbacks, this super-lightweight, 1-piece highback delivers balanced support and comfort and feels great with a canted riding angle. This highback is much more forgiving compared to the Fuse highback so will feel perfect for freestyle riders or beginners that need a softer flexing highback.

The Nexus snowboard bindings offer great versatility all over the mountain and are capable of providing a fun yet responsive ride, perfect for progressing riders. These bindings are fully equipped with Flow's dual-entry system so you have double the choice of how you want to strap in before hitting the slopes.

Features Include:
  • Glass Filled Asym Highback - Asymmetric highback for targeted support and flex where you need it. This balanced single piece design, reduces overall weight and automatically triggers the Active Strap Technology when lowered
  • Asymmetric Glass Filled Nylon Rockered Baseplates - This medium flexing baseplate uses a minimised contact area with the board, in turn channelling your energy where it needs to go more precisely and efficiently, while the rocker corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex
  • EVA/Heel Cushioning -EVA cushion pad on the heel to help absorb chatter and vibrations
  • Glass Filled Nylon UniBack -Lightweight 1-piece highback made of a fibreglass and Nylon composite construction. The Heelcup efficiently transfers energy to the edges of the board whilst the high back has a flex that allows you to tweak out your moves.
  • Fusion Comfort Fit Strap - The straps are 3D-shaped, they fuse the ankle and toe zones over the midfoot, and are padded for a super confortable form-fit to your boot
  • LSR-Buckles - The LSR buckles are very durable, quick and simple to use, they also allow the user to use them like standard straps for side entry
  • Nylon Multidisk - Can be mounted on 4×4, 4×2, 3HP and the M6 Channel without the need for an accessory channel-disk. The hole-patterns are offset from the center of the disk, for more toe-heel or stance-width adjustability
The Lowdown:
  • Rider Profile: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Mountain Profile: All mountain
  • Flex: Soft/Medium
  • Compatibility: 3 hole and 4 hole systems & Burton ICS
  • Condition: Brand New
Founded in Austria, Flow is out an out-market leader in the step-in snowboard binding market. Just set-it and forget-it. Every season Flow manages to raise the bar and introduce new, exciting and innovative models - not only for snowboard bindings but also across their range of snowboards and snowboard boots. 
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