Footprint Kingfoam Elite Shock Protection Insoles
Footprint Kingfoam Elite Shock Protection Insoles
Footprint Kingfoam Elite Shock Protection Insoles

Kingfoam Elite Shock Protection Insoles

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Footprint Kingfoam Elite Shock Protection Insoles Footprint Kingfoam Elite
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The Kingfoam Elite Low from Footprint Insoles are an orthotic, supportive and customisable insole, absorbing 91% of impact energy.


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About the Footprint Kingfoam Elite

The Kingfoam Elite Low Insoles are the nothing but the best from Footprint. Compatible with all foot types, these insoles work best with low arches or for dress shoes/shoes with little room for insoles. The 5mm thick heel and 3mm thick toe offers the most heel protection than any other Footprint insole. Simultaneously, it allows the toes to move freely to keep you supported during activities.

Incredibly, these insoles are built for impact. Slip them into any pair of skate shoes or snowboard boots to really feel the support. Absorbing 91% of impact energy during in-lab testing, compared to 53% in other ‘performance’ insoles, the Kingfoam Elites from Footprint are undoubtedly necessary for overall foot health and repetitive strain on the body during action sports.

The Kingfoam Elites allow for customisation and Footprint accommodate for all feet shapes and sizes. The size ranges are large, allowing you to trim your insoles to the required fit of your shoes and feet:

Trimming your insoles:
If you wear narrow shoes it may be necessary to trim your insoles. You can simply trim along the outside of the stitching.
You will know if you need to trim if the insole feels too bulky in your shoe. This is because there is too much material bunched into a small space.

Footprint’s proprietary material is used in the Kingfoam Elite construction. This material is the exact same formulation used by NASA on the ISS for sensitive electronics protection. If it’s good enough for NASA, then look no further. These insoles really are something truly special and make a real big difference when engaging in action sports.

  • Compatible With All Foot Types
  • Best For Low Arch or Shoes with no room for insoles
  • 5 Mm Thick Heel, 3mm Toe
  • Absorbs 91% Of Impact Energy In Lab Testing Compared To 53% In Other “Performance” Insoles (ASTM F 1614 -1999)
  • FP Insole Proprietary Material In The Exact Same Formulation Is Used By NASA On The ISS For Sensitive Electronics Protection


Footprint insoles are leading the way in the custom orthotic insoles market for skateboarding.
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