Gaiam Restore Mini Resistance Band Kit

Restore Mini Resistance Band Kit

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Feel the stretch with Gaiam's Mini Resistance Band Kit.


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About the Gaiam Restore Mini

The Gaiam Restore Mini Resistance Band Kit contains three resistance bands, allowing you to customise your workout and train with three levels of resistance - light, medium and heavy.

These bands are perfect for strengthening and activation, allowing you to target specific muscle groups to build muscle strength and increase flexibility. These bands are also a useful recovery aid and can help with rehabilitation following an injury.

Whether you enjoy yoga, running, pilates or mountain sports, resistance training with the Gaiam Restore Mini Resistance Band Kit will build strength and improve flexibility across all muscle groups, benefitting you in all sporting and fitness activities.

The Lowdown
  • Pack of 3 Mini Resistance Bands
  • Light, Medium and Heavy Resistance
  • For Rehabilitation and Activation
  • Builds Muscle Mass and Increases Mobility
  • Latex Rubber
  • Comes with Downloadable Exercise Guide


For over 25 years, Gaiam (pronouced 'GUY-um') has been designing and creating specialist yoga equipment for all abilities to help improve fitness and well-being. Male or female, beginner or expert, Gaiam's philosophy is 'say yes to a better you', and stands for making yoga, fitness and wellness accessible to all. 
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