Gaiam Restore Multi-Point Body Massager
Gaiam Restore Multi-Point Body Massager

Restore Multi-Point Body Massager

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Relieve muscle tension with Gaiam's Multi-Point Massager


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About the Gaiam Restore Multi-Point

The Gaiam Restore Multi-Point Massager is a useful recovery aid for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and is looking to minimise muscle tightness.

Massaging your muscles after exercising helps to relieve tension and improves circulation for faster recovery. The Multi-Point Massager features a multi-prong design for targeted deep tissue massage and allows you to reach multiple areas at one. This delivers soothing relief from stiffness or pain and helps to stimulate blood flow.

Whether you are into running, hiking, climbing, yoga, pilates, snow sports, or are a regular at the gym, the Gaiam Restore Multi-Point Body Massager will aid with recovery and keep your muscles active for longer!

The Lowdown
  • Multi-point, hand-held massage
  • Use to relieve tension and increase circulation


For over 25 years, Gaiam (pronouced 'GUY-um') has been designing and creating specialist yoga equipment for all abilities to help improve fitness and well-being. Male or female, beginner or expert, Gaiam's philosophy is 'say yes to a better you', and stands for making yoga, fitness and wellness accessible to all. 
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