GNU B-Nice Women's All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard
GNU B-Nice Women's All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard
GNU B-Nice Women's All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard
GNU B-Nice Women's All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard
GNU B-Nice Women's All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard


B-Nice Women's All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard 2024

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GNU B-Nice Women's All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard GNU B-Nice
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Fun twin freestyle women's snowboard, with great catch-free and edge-hold tech. This is the perfect board for all abilities!

About the GNU B-Nice

The GNU B-Nice women's snowboard is an easy-to-ride, super fun, freestyle twin board, that will have your back all over the mountain. Packed full of tech usually found in more expensive snowboards, the B-Nice brings fantastic all-terrain performance on a budget.

The B-Nice has an Original Banana hybrid camber shape which makes it not only extremely forgiving and easy to ride but also perfect for freestyle riders. The nose and tail of the snowboard are raised providing a catch-free feel and providing exceptional float in powder. This makes learning and progressing easier and also prevents edge catches when buttering or performing freestyle tricks.

The B-Nice also comes with Gnu MTX Magnatraction which provides high levels of grip. This edge profile creates seven contact points between the board and the snow, making edge hold superb and preventing the board from slipping out, even on ice!

The core is made from fast-growing Aspen and Paulownia woods that have naturally long fibers, and offer great pop and strength at a lightweight. The B-Nice also has a medium flex rating which is incredibly fun and forgiving for new riders.

A co-extruded base that requires little maintenance means the snowboard can be picked up and ridden with no fuss and is also extremely resilient for riders who are looking at putting it through its paces in the park.

Constructed by the world's most environmentally friendly snowboard manufacturer and using ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials, the 2022 women's B-Nice snowboard is an excellent choice for somebody who is looking for an easy-to-ride all-mountain snowboard that will keep them smiling all day long.

Features Include
  • Aspen/Paulowina wood core - Core made from sustainable wood providing unrivalled strength and pop at a lightweight
  • Original Banana profile - Rocker in the centre of the snowboard with mild camber out towards the nose and tail
  • MTX Magnetraction - Seven points of focused edge control to provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. A serrated edge with 7 bumps provides more contact with the snow and more grip and control
  • UHMW Sidewalls - Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from materials derived from soy for a bombproof construction
  • Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax composite - Tri-Ax and Bi-Ax fibre glass multi layered at varying degrees to enhance and amplify natural pop
  • Co-Extruded Base - Hard, fast and virtually maintenance free. The ideal base for freestyle
  • Eco Sublimated Poly Top Sheet - Tough, eco-friendly top sheet that repels snow and adds traction for your feet
  • Hand Crafted in the USA - Hand built by passionate snowboarders. Each board comes with the individual maker's mark of approval from the USA
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