KeepCup Brew Glass 227ml Reusable Travel Coffee Cup
KeepCup Brew Glass 227ml Reusable Travel Coffee Cup
KeepCup Brew Glass 227ml Reusable Travel Coffee Cup
KeepCup Brew Glass 227ml Reusable Travel Coffee Cup

Brew Glass 227ml Reusable Travel Coffee Cup

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KeepCup Brew Glass 227ml Reusable Travel Coffee Cup KeepCup Brew Glass 227ml
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Reduce your disposable cup footprint with KeepCup's reusable Brew glass coffee cup.


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About the KeepCup Brew Glass 227ml

KeepCups are designed to replicate the look and sizes of typical coffee shop disposable cups with splash-proof lids. The biggest difference is that KeepCups are built to last and are therefore reusable. This means you can transform your daily coffee, tea or smoothie ritual into a more environmentally friendly addiction by reducing the number of disposable cups you use to zero.

The Black KeepCup Brew Glass Edition is made from blown tempered soda lime glass and features a grippy silicone band. The lid features a swivel plug which covers a hole big enough to drink comfortably out of and also fits straws for cooler beverages.

The KeepCup Brew Glass cups come in two handy sizes - the Small 227ml (8oz) option is compact and ideal for smaller, intense coffees and the like, while the Medium is equivalent to 340ml (12oz) which is roughly the size of a large mug. As it replicates a typical coffee shop-sized mug, your barista can create your brew straight into your KeepCup.

Using your own KeepCup will likely knock off a few pence from your order total, if that's a 20p saving once a day for 365 days, you would be saving £73 a year! Not only does this KeepCup investment line your pockets, but using a KeepCup means you directly create less waste by opting for a reusable solution rather than a disposable one.

The KeepCup Brew is the perfect vessel for a sophisticated and refined brew of your favourite beverage. Let KeepCup enhance your takeaway coffee experience and join the Reuse Revolution!

The Lowdown
  • Cup: Toughened Glass (can be heated to 100°C / 212°F)
  • Band: Silicone
  • Lid Colour: Black (polypropylene - BPS and BPA free)
  • Plug Colour: Black (covers drinking hole)
  • Dishwasher Compatible: Safe on top shelf
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • One-year warranty on defects and faults
  • KeepCup products are designed to replace the disposable cup – not a thermos. They have a splash proof, not a leak proof, seal.
  • A KeepCup is a must have for busy commutes, office dwellers, university life, home brews and is the perfect gift for the coffee aficionados in your life.
  • Capacity: Small - 227ml | 8oz / Medium - 340ml | 12oz
  • Height (lid on): Small - 10cm | 3.9 inches / Medium - 12cm | 4.7 inches
  • Height (lid off): Small - 8.1cm | 3.2 inches / Medium - 11.1cm | 4.4 inches
  • Cup Base Diameter: Small - 5.5cm | 2.2 inches / Medium - 6.2cm | 2.4 inches
  • Weight: Small - 226g / Medium - 270g


KeepCup is a revolutionary company with the answer to eradicate the use of disposable takeaway tea and coffee cups. KeepCup design reusable plastic and glass cups with reliable materials which are made to last. Each KeepCup size option replicates the typical cafe sized disposable cups meaning baristas can easily create your brew straight into your own reusable cup.
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