Leki Bold Lite S Slalom Grip Ski Poles
Leki Bold Lite S Slalom Grip Ski Poles
Leki Bold Lite S Slalom Grip Ski Poles

Bold Lite S Slalom Grip Ski Poles

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Leki Bold Lite S Slalom Grip Ski Poles Leki Bold Lite S
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Trigger S-enabled pole from Leki featuring amazing technology and safety features


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About the Leki Bold Lite S

The Leki Bold Lite S ski poles are of incredibly high quality. They're made of super lightweight aluminium with an Ice Steel Tip for durability and have an optimal grip for most terrains, especially in icy conditions.

The Leki Bold Lite S feature Leki's exclusive Trigger S system. This system is revolutionary in terms of ski pole comfort, performance and safety. You get a small strap that fits securely around any glove and replaces the traditional pole strap. This strap has a small loop between the thumb and forefinger which attaches to the ski pole with a click and releases at the push of a button. This means no more faffing about on drag lifts trying to get your hands in your pole loops or accidentally dropping them on the chair lift!

The main technical features of the system are that it enables greater power transmission to the pole as well as being the most comfortable system on the market. The main feature, however, is safety. In a heavy crash, the pole will become detached from the glove, much as skis do. This pressure on the pole pops the loop out and saves you from twisting or breaking your arm while still attached to the pole. Good huh?

The Lowdown
  • Shaft: 16 mm Aluminium HTS 5.5
  • Grip: Trigger S SL
  • Strap: Trigger Vario
  • Tip: Ice Tip (Inside Shaft)
  • Basket: Cobra Alpine
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Weight: 243 g (120 cm)


Leki are the No.1 pole brand in the world. They have been making the best poles in the business since 1948 and continue to push the boundaries today.
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