Lib Tech Split BRD Hybrid Camber Splitboard

Split BRD Hybrid Camber Splitboard 2023

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Lib Tech Split BRD Hybrid Camber Splitboard Lib Tech Split BRD
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The BRD from Lib Tech is the perfect all-round split board

About the Lib Tech Split BRD

Lib Tech's BRD split is lightweight on the ascent, yet playful and manoeuvrable on the descent, the Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard is the perfect all-around split. The extended nose shape and early rise C3 contour make for easy float through deep snow while also providing excellent edge hold on hardpack.

The BRD uses Lib Tech's C3 camber profile which features mild rocker between the feet, for improved edge hold and float, and camber under the feet out into the nose and tail providing stability, control and increased pop. This camber profile is ideal for precise and powerful riding.

The Split construction utilizes Aspen and Paulowniafor a very lightweight but is extremely tough and durable plus it features triaxial and biaxial fibreglass. This creates outstanding torsional strength and stability, which makes it incredibly stable and responsive, even in the choppiest of chop and crust.

Lib Tech’s innovative Magne-Traction edge construction gives the board a serrated shape that digs into crust and grants absolutely effortless edge hold in the steepest and iciest conditions. The directional shape, with early rise in the nose, plus the super fast and durable TNT base also allow the Split BRD to ride through any conditions without a problem.

Mount up the super light, Karakoram hardware equipped Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard and set yourself up for epic alpine adventures!

Features Include
  • Split Board construction - Lighter and tougherconstruction containing a two-type wood core, Tri/Bi-ax fibre glass, Bio Beans tops sheet, sintered knife cut base, Birch and sintered sidewalls and tip/tail impact deflection
  • C3 Camber Profile - Hybrid Banana rocker and Camber profile with mild rocker between the feet for manoeuvrability and powerful camber out to the nose and tail for stability, control and pop.
  • Magne-Traction - Seven points of focused edge control to provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. By creating a serrated edge with 7 bumps you get more contact with the snow and more grip and control
  • Fiber Reinforced Insert Array with Tri/Bi-Ax Fibreglass - The perfect blend of Tri-Ax fibreglass at 45°, 45° and 90° to enhance torsional strangth and Bi-Ax fibreglass at 0° and 90° to enhance pop
  • 5% Aspen/ 95% Paulownia Wood Core - Ultra lightweight, durable, strong and environmentally sustainable wood that feels lively
  • Eco Sublimated Bio-beans top sheet - Environmentally friendly bio-plastic top sheet created from Beans! Eco-friendly and providing the best strength to weight ratio of all top sheet materials on the market!
  • UHMW Sidewalls - Unique to Lib Tech boards these are tough, fast, hard, waterproof and best of all eco friendly due to the lack of toxic ABS!
  • UHMW Tip & Tail Impact Deflection - Reinforcements to protect your board from scratches, dings and de-lams
  • Birch Internal Sidewalls - 90 degree pop tech and power transfer spines developed in Lib Tech skateboards are placed along the sidewalls to add extra control, strength and more pop
  • Eco Sublimated TNT Base - Fast, durable base with high wax absorption
  • Hand Crafted in the USA (Near Canada) -Hand built snowboard by enthusiastic staff at Mervin. Each board comes with the individual makers mark of approval
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freeride/Powder
  • Camber Profile: C3 Hybrid
  • Shape: Directional
  • Flex: Medium 6/10
  • Condition:Brand New - Factory Waxed
  • Binding Compatibility:Standard Splitboard Insert Pattern + Karakorum Ultra Clips
Waist Width
Boot Size
Set Back
Rider Weight
Lib Tech is most famous for two of the technologies they introduced to the world of snowboarding:  banana shape snowboard profiles and Magne-traction edges. Together these revolutionized snowboarding back in the early part of this century but Lib has not rested on its laurels, constantly introducing fresh ideas and stunning graphics to all of its snowboards.
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