Nidecker Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings
Nidecker Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings
Nidecker Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings
Nidecker Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings
Nidecker Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings
Nidecker Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings

Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings

Nidecker Kaon-X Snowboard Bindings Nidecker Kaon-X
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High performing versatile bindings from Nidecker to dominate the entire mountain.

About the Nidecker Kaon-X

The Nidecker Kaon-X snowboard binding is a lightweight, strong and responsive binding that will offer top performance in all types of terrain and conditions.

The Asym Hadron Highbacks is an asymmetrical one-piece Uniback, moulded from tough Nylon. The Hadron highback offers tons of support and comfort, fitting around your boot perfectly with canted riding angles to get you in the perfect stance so you can ride all day long in total comfort.

Kaon-X bindings are fitted with the Asym Rockered Axis N1-Series baseplate and heelcup. This version is constructed with glass-filled nylon, which is very light yet extremely durable with plenty of stiffness for extra response when carving. The asymmetrical design provides optimal energy transfer while the rockered corners on the baseplate give a natural flex for precise and comfortable movement, this makes it ideal for riders who want to have a comfortable ride across a range of terrains and snow conditions.

The Exoframe ankle straps and Hexo toecap straps have a webbed 3D hinged Auxetic pattern, this pattern is extremely lightweight and forms evenly around the ankle and toe so you can get a comfortable, tight fit for extra performance.

The full-length EVA footbed has a 2.5-degree cant, this really helps align your legs to be positioned in a more natural stance reducing strain on the knees and providing great support as you ride. The aluminium Axion ratchets are really easy to use and the levers are buttery smooth so you can get in and out of your bindings quickly.

The Nidecker Kaon-X snowboard bindings offer great versatility all over the mountain and provide a precise and responsive ride, making them perfect for all riders looking to push themselves to reach the next level of performance and fun.

Features Include:
  • Asym Rockered Axis N1-Series Baseplate and Heelcup - Glass filled nylon construction with asymmetrical design for optimal energy transfer. Off-axis PowerBeams and rocker corners offer a direct and balanced transfer of power to your board. The heelcup is firmly attached to the base to form a strong and rigid unibody-style
  • Asym Hadron Highback - Asymmetrical one-piece UniBack molded from a tough nylon. It delivers a smooth balance of support, comfort and a perfect fit with boot cuffs while supporting your legs at canted riding angles
  • ExoFrame Ankle Strap - Is an injected TPU frame with the same 3D hinged Auxetic pattern as the Hexo Toecap that form fits perfectly to your boot. The ankle ExoSpine is suspended over the ExoFrame strap to lock in your boot for unequalled comfort and performance
  • Hexo Toecap - Features Aux Tech, a 3D hinged Auxetic pattern for unmatched form fitting around the toebox of your boot
  • Bankbed 2.5 degree Canted Footbed - Full-length EVA footbeds with 2.5 degree canting for optimized fit, support and energy transfer
  • Aluminum Axion Ratchet - Aluminum lever is smooth as butter to get you in and out of your straps with ease
  • Offset Multi-Disks - Can be mounted on 4×4, 4×2, 3HP and the M6 Channel without the need for an accessory channel-disk. The hole patterns are offset from the center of the disk for more toe-heel or stance width adjustability
The Lowdown:
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All mountain
  • Flex: Medium to Stiff
  • Compatibility: 3 hole and 4 hole systems & Burton ICS
  • Condition: Brand New
Nidecker has helped to push and progress snowboard design with consistent innovation from their state-of-the-art factory in Geneva
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