Connor Dickinson

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Name| Connor Dickinson 

Date of birth| 06/09/1991

Hometown|  Wirral, Merseyside

When and where you started you sport|  I first tried climbing in 2012 when I visited my local climbing wall in Liverpool. Since that day it completely took over my life and I was there nearly everyday, either working or climbing, in fact I can’t even remember what I did before I started climbing!

Aims and goal in your sports | For me, climbing is a lifestyle. I love to travel, explore and enjoy climbing for what it is. If I can sneak in a few hard routes here and there that will be a bonus.

Trips you want to do or already have planned| I recently checked out the climbing in Harau Valley, Sumatra. The huge conglomerate walls tower above the small village and the amount of rock there is totally crazy, yet there are only around 50 routes there. I would like to go back and develop there for sure! I will also bounce around China, checking out areas that I haven’t visited yet which is always fun! 

Sponsors| Psychi, Butora, Osprey, Dali Bars, Nutrition Depot, Owens Holistic Coaching, Boulder Denim 

The athlete you look up to And why| Adam there anything that man can’t do?!