Kris Amstutz

At 27 years old Kris Amstutz coaches and rides at his local slope The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead. Born in Stevenage, Kris ended up on snow before he could walk, strapped into some ski’s that didn’t need ski boots Kris took his first slide in Saas Fee. Having Swiss family enabled Kris to travel to the mountains shaping his love for the sport early on.  After a few years off from skiing, Kris learnt to snowboard age 17. Quickly finding the love and passion for freestyle Kris qualified as an instructor and progressed to a coach whilst never letting his own riding take a back seat.


Whilst busy coaching, Kris is able to ride with the next generation of hopefuls whilst travelling around the UK and Europe. He said “they keep the stoke and although my job is to push them they push me, usually leaving me in a pile on the floor but… , they keep it fun which is the most important”. Kris aims to bring the fun back into snowboarding and inspire people of any age to get involved. Pulling away from competitions Kris is hopeful to start filming more with the team and get away from the seriousness of it all (Pushy….. they know who they are). With potential  trips planned to Europe throughout the season Kris is hopeful to overcome last year’s broken back and get sendy again and also spend more time behind the lens catching the adventures. Kris’s favorite rider falls into those having fun, he said “most of the RK1 crew send it and are always smiling….. be like them”.