The Absolute Guide to Rome SDS Snowboard Camber Profiles

Here you will find technical explanations and diagrams of the different camber profiles offered by Rome SDS snowboards enabling you to understand the different features and benefits so you can pick a board perfect for your style of riding.


The Jibpop camber profile is flat between the inserts and has large amounts of reverse camber under the bindings into the nose and tail. This type of camber is great for stability in presses and on rails whilst giving a catch free skate feeling to the whole ride.

No Hang Ups Rocker

The Rome no hang ups rocker camber profile is 3d moulded to have a concave shape very similar to a skateboard. This type of camber has increased pop while still maintaining the playfulness of the reverse camber profiling.


The Rome Freepop camber profile has a large section of flat throughout the center of the board with a reverse camber in the nose and tail. This makes for a board that excels on jumps, rails and floats in the powder. The perfect all mountain board profile.

No Hang Ups Pop


The Rome no hang ups pop camber profile is mostly flat with a little bit of 3D rocker in the nose and tail. This type of camber profile is best suited for all mountain freestyle riding providing amazing pop and responsiveness while still keeping the surfy feeling from the rocker.



The Rome MTNPOP is a hybrid camber profile with reverse camber in the middle and positive camber in the nose and tail. This type of camber profile has the best of both worlds from fun and float in the powder that the rocker provides to the pop and responsiveness that the positive camber gives you. Great for all over the mountain.

Stay Positive


The Rome Stay Positive Camber profile is a traditional positive camber profile. This type of camber profile is perfect for massive pop and amazing response. Many people love this type of camber due to the longer effective edge length.



The Rome PSW is a hybrid camber profile snowboard with the reverse camber from inserts to the nose and positive camber from the front inserts to the tail. This specialist camber profile is designed for hitting powder lines all day long, slashing, carving and landing drops is what this type of camber is great for. The positive camber section will also give you some amazing pop to help get those methods tweaked out!

Free The Ride

Free the Ride Camber Profile

Rome's latest innovation in the camber realm Free-The-Ride Camber is suited to riding any terrain from trails, to woods, to couloirs, to cliff lines, this camber profile combines powerful response with surfy float. Positive camber in the tail merges into a flat camber section under the front foot, which then transitions into a rockered nose. The result is high turning responsiveness with a floaty nose, loads of pop and a board that wont flop around groomers and in mixed snow.

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