Remind Destin Comfort Insole Upgrade
Remind Destin Comfort Insole Upgrade

Destin Comfort Insole Upgrade

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Remind Destin Comfort Insole Upgrade Remind Destin
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Scientifically shaped premium Snowboard insoles by Remind.


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About the Remind Destin

The Remind Destin Impact replacement insole was the first self-forming orthotic insole in the snowboarding industry with its biomechanical and anatomical engineered design to correct the foot and body into proper alignment. This gives you alleviated stress on the joints when riding, improving posture and increasing circulation, enhancing strength and performance in all aspects of snowboarding heightening balance and stability.

The Destin is built with the highest quality of materials featuring an ultra-light insole that offers superb high-impact absorption. This is done by using a combination of custom forming and supreme cushion to evenly spread weight distribution across the entire foot for maximum cushioning while improving stability and protection from high impacts, perfect for snowboarding or any other extreme sports! These insoles have various awesome designs to bring a super cool design to your shoes.

  • Custom Forming - Self-forming Technology that molds to each individual specific foot details providing more intricate support and even weight distribution.
  • High Performance - Lightweight, high-performance, responsive, and durable material that provides high energy return and doesn't break down.
  • Arch Support - Bio-mechanically engineered arch for proper anatomical alignment.
  • Feather Light - Light weight materials to ensure high performance action.
  • Anti Microbe - Anti-microbial anti-friction system that reduces hot spots, and keeps feet cool, dry, and odorless.
  • Moisture Wicken - 100% Organic moisture wicker treatment promoting dry cool feet.
  • Durability - Properletary materials are constructed to achieve shock absorption, performance, structural support, and durability.
Remind create insoles with ultimate support and protection. Designed to correctly align your feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine while walking, running, snowboarding and partaking in other sports and activities.
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