Etnies Shoes / Footwear Size Chart, UK, EU, USA, Mondo

Mondo Sizes
Etnies footwear uses the Mondo sizing system, where each whole size is equivalent to exactly 1cm in length.  To ensure the best fit we recommend:

    ●   If you have owned Etnies before, buy the same size again, their sizing has not changed.

    ●  Shop using Mondo sizes.

    ●  Follow our "How to Measure Your Mondo Size" advice and video lower down this page.  

UK Sizes
Etnies UK sizing for men's shoes is correct; simply order your normal UK shoe size. 
Etnies' UK size conversions for women's shoes are wrong; there is no difference between UK men's and women's shoe sizes!  Etnies women's shoes come up a half size too small so, if your normal shoe size is UK 6, buy an Etnies women's shoe in a UK 6.5 = Mondo 25.0

US Sizes
Etnies US sizing for men's shoes is correct; simply order your normal US shoe size.
Etnies women's shoes come up a whole size too small so, if your normal shoe size is women's US 8, buy an Etnies women's shoe in a US 9 = Mondo 25.0

EU Sizes
Please ignore Etnies' EU size conversions which are mostly wrong.  There is no difference between EU men's and women's shoe sizes!  If you prefer to use EU sizing we have added an "Absolute" column showing our conversion from Mondopoint.  EU shoe sizes increase in 3.333mm increments - which is why, when presented to a single decimal point, they should always end with .0, .3 or .7 and never with .5.

On Our Website.....
On our website we use Etnies sizes (even though they are not always correct) because these are what appear on the shoe boxes and the shoes themselves.

Etnies Shoe & Footwear Sizes

 Size Conversions by:
17.510C 11C 29 10C 29.3
1811C 12C 30 11C 30
18.512C 13C 31 12C &30.7
1913C 1 32.5 13C 31.3
19.513.5C 1.5 33 13.5C 32
201 2 34 1 32.7
20.51.5 2.5 34.5 1.5 33.3
212 3 35 2 34
21.52.5 3.5 35.5 2.5 34.7
27.58.5 9.5 42.5   42.7
28.09 10 43   43.3
28.59.5 10.5 44   44
29.010 11 45   44.7
29.510.5 11.5 45.5   45.3
30.011 12 46   46
31.012 13 47   47.3
32.013 14 48   48.7
33.014 15 49   50

 Source: Etnies / Absolute

Absolute Confidence

We are experts on shoe sizing and are confident in the information we have provided because we:

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How to Measure Your Mondo Size

The Mondopoint size of a shoe is the length of the shoe's insole measured in cm. To work out your size, the best way is to look it up on a pair shoes which fit you well or to measure the length of the insole on your best fitting pair of shoes. Remove the insole and measure, using a steal measuring tape, from the extreme tip of the toe to the extreme tip of the heel. The measurement will ALWAYS be exact to the nearest 0.5cm. You will never get 30.2 or 28.8; it will always be 30.0 exactly. This is your mondo shoe or boot size. Checkout this video to have Adam explain it all in plain English.  He is using a snowboard boot but the same principle applies to all footwear.

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