Lowe Alpine - Backpack Size Chart, Guide & Measurements

To choose a backpack or vest which fits you perfectly, Lowe Alpine suggest you measure your torso length then select the pack you are most interested in from the table below.

Technical Backpacks

Size Torso Length (cm)
Women Regular (fixed) 41
Regular Back Length (fixed) 46
Longer Back Length (fixed) 51
VT Flex/VT Plus Women's Regular(adjustable) 43-53
VT Flex/VT Plus Regular(adjustable) 48-58
VT Flex/VT Plus Longer(adjustable) 53-63
V-Trax Women's Regular (adjustable) 36-46
V-Trax Regular (adjustable) 41-51
V-Trax Longer (adjustable) 46-56
Air Contour+ Women's Regular (adjustable) 43-48
Air Contour+ Regular(adjustable) 48-53
Air Contour+ Longer(adjustable) 53-58
Air Contour Women's Regular(adjustable) 36-46
Air Contour Regular(adjustable) 41-51
Air Contour Longer(adjustable) 46-56
AirZone+ Women's Regular(adjustable) 43-48
AirZone+ Regular(adjustable) 48-53

How to Measure Your Torso & Waist


Ask a friend to run a tape measure from the top of your shoulders (i.e the same place where the collar on a crew neck T shirt finishes), down your back to your waistline (ie the small of your back, at the same height as your naval or the top of your hip bone).


Run a soft tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, just above your hip bone and in line with your naval.

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