Macpac - Backpack Size Chart

                                  Torso Length                             
S132 - 3912.5 - 15.5
S237 - 4414.5  -17.5
S342 - 4912.5 - 15.5
W132 - 3912.5 - 15.5
W234 - 4212.5 - 15.5
W339 - 4712.5 - 15.5

Source: Macpac

How to Measure Your Torso

● Stand up straight with your arms hanging by your sides

● Ask a friend to run a tape measure from the top of your shoulders (i.e the same place where the collar on a crew neck T shirt finishes), down your back to your waistline (ie the small of your back, at the same height as your naval or the top of your hip bone).

Torso Length

In Our Opinion

The Macpac chart is accurate and reliable and your backpack will fit if you refer to the measurements given. We are confident in the fit of Macpac backpacks because:

● They have gone to the trouble of preparing this size information!

● We have tried them ourselves, in a full range of models and sizes.

● We see customers testing for size in our Mountain Sports Shop

● We have been selling them for years!

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