Bern use two different size charts for their helmets. Use the 'Single Sizes' chart for all Hard Hat (Brock Foam) Helmets.

Single Sizes Your Head Size
cm 52-53.5 54-55.5 55.5-57 57-59 59-60.5 60.5-62 62-63.5
Inches 20.5-21 21 21.8 21.8-22.5 22.5-23.2 23.2-23.8 23.8-24.5 24.5-25

Source: Bern

Use either size chart (depending on how it's labelled on the website or in your helmet) for Thin Shell (EPS) and Zip Mold Helmets.

Cross sizes Your Head Size
cm 52 - 55.5 54 - 57 55.5 - 59 57 - 60.5 59 - 62 60.5 - 63.5
Inches 20.5 - 22 21 - 22.5 21.8 - 23.2 22.5 - 23.8 23.2 - 24.5 23.7 - 25

Source: Bern

Helmet Fit

We are confident in the fit of Bern Helmets because:

  • We have tried the helmets on ourselves, in a full range of models and sizes.
  • We monitor customer returns.
  • We see customers wearing the helmets in our Snowboard Shop
  • We have been selling them for years!
Each helmet size is designed to fit a range of head sizes. The maximum head size quoted equates to the internal circumference of the helmet. If your head circumference is at or close to the maximum it is unlikely the helmet will fit you (unless your head is exactly the same shape as the helmet) because helmets will not flex to fit different head shapes. Most people will therefore need to go for the next size up. If your head is towards the lower end or middle of the range quoted – perfect – the helmet should fit fine.

How to Measure Your Head

  • Measure around your head using a soft tape measure. If you don't have a suitable tape measure you can print one off here
  • Ensure the tape passes across the centre of the forehead, above the ears and over the natural bump at the back of the head.
  • Allow 1cm extra for long or thick hair, or if you intend to wear a beanie or balaclava under the helmet.
Head size guide

Still not sure what size to get?

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