The Absolute Guide to K2 Snowboard Camber Profiles

Here you will find technical explanations and diagrams of the different camber profiles offered by K2 snowboards enabling you to understand the different features and benefits so you can pick a board perfect for your style of riding.

Catch Free Rocker

By bringing the contact points out of the snow turns are initiated before the edge bites in and this prevents the board from catching. This small amount of Rocker results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain.

Jib Rocker

Jib Rocker Baseline is a hybrid twin Rocker perfect for freestyle riding. Just enough rise in the tip and tail contact points to create a loose, buttery feel while maintaining instant response and pop.

All Terrain Rocker

Designed for use throughout the mountain, All Terrain Rocker allows for effortless turns on hardpack but also provides ample float in softer snow and crud. A setback stance and medium rise through the tip and a lower rise in the tail defines this multi-purpose profile.

BC Rocker

BC Rocker delivers the most Rocker avaiable from any K2 snowboard enabling you to float through anything while maintaining a high-level of performance on groomed terrain. It encoporates a slightly flatter tail and adds edge bite and control for big landings and high speed riding.


Preloaded, stable, and turnready, Flatline creates a supremely balanced and smooth ride in all conditions. Favoured by the pro team riders zero camber offers you total control.

Baseline and Tweekend Tips and Tails

Baseline camber profiles have 3 different cambers in the tip and tail to give a versatile and performance driven ride. Tweekend tips combines both rocker zone and tip rise. This smooth uninterrupted rocker allows the rider to rock back, butter and press without losing any support. You can now pressure and use the whole surface out to the end of the board. More board means more support,buttering platform and landing gear.

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