Absolute-Snow Discount, Promo & Voucher Codes

From time to time we issue ‘Voucher Codes’ entitling the recipient to special promo discounts on a wide range of products across our website. To make sure you receive your voucher codes, sign up for our Newsletters.  Our promo codes are rarely, if ever, published on voucher code websites.  

Terms & Conditions

  • We never notify anyone in advance of any voucher codes about to be issued, no matter how nicely you ask!
  • All vouchers codes have a validity period which cannot be extended under any circumstances. Once a voucher has expired it cannot be used.
  • Once a voucher code has been issued anyone can use it; it does not have to be used by the original recipient.
  • Only one voucher code may be applied to any individual transaction.
  • Voucher codes cannot be used in conjunction with Absolute Birthdays, price matches or any discount, promotion or voucher code offered to clubs, associations, military or any other group, society or special interest group.
  • Voucher codes do not apply to GoPro branded products.  Other brands may also be excluded, depending on the promotion.
  • Voucher codes cannot be used on boats, dinghies, canoes or any products which benefits from one of these Special Offers
  • Vouchers codes may be withdrawn or cancelled at any time before the published expiry date.
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply, as referred to in e-mail messages announcing specific voucher codes, offers and promotions.