Indoor Activities For Outdoor People

Have you lost track of how many days we have been at home for now? Is it Monday? Is it Saturday?

For people who love adventuring outdoors, being stuck at home can feel restrictive, so we’ve put together ideas on how to keep the outdoor spirit alive… The whole world is on lockdown, we are all in this together, the adventure starts at home!

Ski Yoga

Yoga for skiers with Planks and yeh yoga.


5 minute hangboard workout with Ambassador Tom.


5 minute Push-up workout with Livvy Gent.


4 important knots and their uses.


Home Snowboarding Tips & tricks

Burton Yoga

Why Yoga and snowboarding complement each other

Hangboard Strength Training

The Ultimate Hangboard HIIT Workout.

Yoga For Snowboarding

15 Minutes of Yoga To Keep Your Body Snowboard Fit.


Climbing Training & Care

Yoga & Pilates Equipment

Get All The Gear To Maintain Your Fitness & Keep The Adventure Going Here >

home snowboard


Stay Stoked On All The Action

It's not all about keeping active physically, but keeping your sense of adventure alive! Whilst making sure we are kept physically distanced we want to unite the outdoors community by sharing content with you that we love and believe can keep you stoked on the experience.

Looking Sideways | Action Sports Podcast

Uncovering the most interesting stories in action sports.

Bring Adventure Home Giveaway

Start Posting Your Own Indoor Adventures To Win Merchandise!

Absolute Staff's Favourite Mountain Sports Edits

Absolute Staff's Favourite Mountain Sports Edits!

The Burton Blog

An Outdoor Person's Guide To Staying Home.

Guided Meditation

A guided meditation to help calm and relax you.

Take the Kitchen Outside

Simple Recipes to Take the Kitchen Outside

Real Change for Climate Change

Can COVID-19 Spell Real Change for Climate Change?