Volkl Snowboard Camber Profiles Explained

Here you will find technical explanations and diagrams of the different camber profiles offered by Yes snowboards enabling you to understand the different features and benefits so you can pick a board perfect for your style of riding.


Yes Positive Camber Profile

A Positive camber profile making the board super responsive and snappy. Pressure builds up through the length of the board when turning which propels you across the slope. Great for powerful, high end riding which Tadeshi does on the daily

Zero Flatrock

Yes Flatrock Camber Profile

Completely flat for a good blend of the benefits from a positive camber and a reserve camber. Creates a looser, surfy feel than a positive camber profile which makes it ideal for a jib/park board. Perfect for Frank April's Godlike urban riding

Hybrid Camrock

Yes Camrock Profile

Great all round profile which has the responsiveness of a camber board and the fun of a reverse camber board. Watch it come to life when there’s a bit of snow on the ground as you get all the performance from a camber but float at the tip and tail. Perfect all mountain profile

Hybrid Directional Camrock

Yes Directional Camrock Profile

Slightly Longer amount of reverse camber in the tail than in the nose which means the tail will be easier to press lifting the nose of the board and stopping you from sinking. Feel the major difference when there’s fresh on the ground.

Hybrid Powrock

Yes Powrock Profile

Similar to the camber profile above where there is more in the tail than in the nose, however a change in the aggressiveness in the rocker. A smaller (2mm) amount of reverse camber in the tail and a real floaty 6mm in the nose which will make it super difficult to nose dive!

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