Sponsored Athletes

Our Riders

skyla Baily Kris Amstutz


Paul MoraleePaul Moralee


Josh YeoMax Jorge


André SaudanJade Walsh


Our Climbers

Tom HudsonLivvy Gent


Roberto KroonsaareConnor Dickinson


Moritz MichaeliseLucienne Turner


What We Look For

Obviously, you have to love and be very good at your chosen sport but this is not enough.  

We are looking for people who demonstrate a commercial awareness and an understanding of why a retailer such as Absolute chooses to have a team of sponsored riders.  Yes, we do it because we are nice people and want to help talented people like you, especially if you do not have much money but, if this was our primary motivation, we'd soon be bankrupt!  It is expensive supporting a sponsored team.

Absolute is a commercial organisation. We can only afford to support a team if our team supports us by generating publicity for our business and by driving traffic to our website.  If you can show us how you are already doing this, we'd be very keen to hear from you.  

Examples of the type of things we are looking for include posting lots of nice words about Absolute, links to Absolute and copies of our logos on your own

  • Website
  • Blog
  • You tube channel
  • Facebook, twitter and other social media

The more followers, visitors, readers and viewers you have the better.

Join Our Team

To join our team:

Contact Us Here and include:

  1. Links to publicity you are already generating for us.
  2. Statistics about how many people have seen or are likely to see this publicity
  3. A paragraph explaining why you love your chosen sport
  4. A paragraph explaining your achievements to date.